I Never Knew Nigerian Recession Affected Big Butts Too

Sometimes I Wonder if these girls have conscience at all. So you be fine girl, you walk the streets with a big, sorry a very huge butt, you also have big bress. And your hair looks good too.

I wonder how you managed to know I love those things you’re carrying about and so I came close, we talk small,I collect number. That day pass.
The next day, I call, you came out, carrying the same assets. We hangout, drink small, chop small suya.
Your assets dey drive me naughts and so I whisper something for your ear, you smiled and nodded, obviously you like my talk.
So we come go my place. You siddon, after a while I come dey smoosh you, you smoosh back too, I kiss, you nor reject, I touch you relax, I press you feel am.
Now I pull, you pull too.
When I finally decided to lift you up to my blossom while your legs wrapped round my waist, something seemed to have missed somewhere.
The butts you once had don vanish, the big bress don’t small. How could recession be this quick on you.
Oya come dey go. Its either you bring those things back or nothing.
Carry fake yarsh upandan like It’s some good stuff.
So you feel say the world dey revolve around your fake yarsh eh?
Nor be my world sha.
I don’t mind if its a small butts you’ve got.
Just be sure its natural.
©MrPinner 2017

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