10 Important Facts You Must Know About Orgasm

Have These In Mind If You Want Her To Reach Orgasm

1. Talk to your partner, and ask her what she wants you to do to her

2. Always create a romantic atmosphere (Understand those things that brings out the real happy side of her)

3. Don't be in a rush to enter her mountain

4. Ensure that everything is comfortable and nice for her

5. Start with lots of kisses and cuddles before you even think about making any approach to her genitals

6. When you do start to stroke, rub or kiss her genitals, don't rush into 'attacking' her clitoris. Take things gently, and see what she wants (this is very important)

7. Sometimes encourage her to 'boss' your sex sessions. You can learn a lot by watching how she stimulates herself, or by really listening to her when she tells you she wants a particular sex position, or a particular caress.

8. Use her own natural lubrication to moisten her clitoris. (If she is over 35, it may be a good idea to use some additional lubrication from a chemist)

9. Remember that stimulation of the clitoris is the key to female orgasm

10. Don't be too demanding – it's not an Olympic event

Please note: There are different kinds of women out there, that your ex reaches orgasm within a few strokes does not mean your current lady would.

Understand the most sensitive part of her body and you'll have her vibrating in excitement.

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