2 Important Chinese Words That Will Save Your Relationship

It was my 32nd year and as a single man, I was tired of it all. Everybody around me is beginning to look at me with some kind of corner eyes, even my parents frown at me each time I find time to visit them.
They want to carry their grand children, grand kids from their one and only son. This actually made it difficult for me to coexist among people without feeling uneasy. The last Christmas a woman had almost eaten me Up with her eyes when I stretched my hands to carry her baby who continually smiled at me.
At one time, a guy had almost pushed me off the way because I walked in between himself and his lover.

Not that I do not have a lover, but just that I've really not found the time to trust her. My previous experience with women made me loose faith in love and even though my current lady is trying, I still find many flaws in her.
My business as an importer was growing, I'd toured Dubai on business trips as I seek to open new grounds for the expansion of my business.
And so I went to Beijing China to buy some goods, I had planned to spend some days and so I decided to walk around the city to see things for myself.
As I strolled around, I found some signs that were of Interest to me. The most ones I fascinated were those I found in a certain garden of love.
It is an ancient garden believed go have helped couples make the best out of their relationship and while there. These signs caught my interest and so I decided to call on a Chinese lady to come interpret for me.
"These are the signs" I said, pointing at the 2 signs that fascinated me a lot.
1. 看起來更深
2. 模具

Yin looked at the signs and asked if I was having trouble with relationships. I nodded in agreement and then she smiled and began to explain what the meaning of these signs were.
"The first sign means "Look deeper" she continued
"The second sign means " Mold it".

Really? I asked...
"Yes", she added as she struggled to pronounce the english words.

With these in my head, I came to understand that there is more in a relationship that smiles and fights. I came to realize that the beautiful statues and monuments surrounding the city of China didn't just spring from no where.
Someone molded them, someone looked deeper, deep beyond everything that the eyes could see and thought about such a beautiful sight and created these statues.
What this means is that while you stay out thinking there is a perfect relationship out there, you'll only end up seeing many reasons why there will never be a good relationship.
All you have to do is look beyond the things that you detest about your current partner and concentrate on the good things that made him/her perfect and having known these, you'll keep living the happy life you ever desire.
Aside from looking deeper beyond the physical eyes, you also have to mold that relationship or union.
In my own little opinion, I think if marriages were perfect. Then we wouldn't have divorce cases upandan and we certainly wouldn't have partners who wake up early in the morning only to fight out their frustrations against each other in the open public.
If you have some clay in your hand, it remains clay, it only becomes a beautiful sculptor after a series of kneading and molding.
This is a must for all those still hoping on a better union out there. Why not look deeper than you've been looking? Why not look at the bright side and see what you've not been seeing before?
Why not nurture that union and make the best out of it instead of walking from China to Kuwait, Lagos to Calabar in the name of "Searching for Mr/Miss Right"
There is no Mr right anywhere and even if there is, I'm sure someone faster than you would get there before you. If there was a miss right out there, certainly the richer and the more handsome young men out there will get there and grab her before you get close enough to look at her.
So stick there and build that union.
Nurture it up,
Mold it and make something out of it.

This is my own piece of mind.
I'm still trying to build mine anyways
But that's if I had any at the moment.

I'm your very own guy
©MrPinner 2017

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