So John went out to hangout with friends and on this evening, he decided to enjoy himself in one of his regular spots, on this spot, he met Amanda (Names Altered to conceal identity).
Amanda was at the same spot with her boo. Boo won nairabet and decided to spoil her silly. Boo ordered some beer, BBQ and before coming out to the spot, he got a couple clothes for Amanda.
As they enjoy themselves, Amanda's boo went to pee and while he was peeing, John came to Amanda, spoke a few words and finally dropped what seemed like a complimentary card.

He'd caught another chick. And sooner or later, his record or black diary would be updated.
A day passed, Amada called and john picked up. After pleasantries, they decided to hangout in another popular spot in town.
She had fun, he had fun too, he came along with his car and later on, he took Amanda home. It was a nice apartment. Well furnished 2 bedroom flat. Air conditioned, everything was modern and the architecture is certainly a modern one too.
Is this your flat? Amada asked
John: Its my house (That was a lie though) 
Amanda: its a nice place.
John: my dear just feel at home.

They spent the night together and obviously, you know what went on afterwards.
A few weeks later, Amanda took in
Dialled John's mobile phone and broke the news to him
John: That's not a phone talk naa, come over to the house let's talk about it.
Amanda: So what do we do now?
John: Are you really sure its my child?
Amanda: Yes my dear.

John: its alright then, we will go do the necessary things and get married.
Amanda: Thank you very much.
Amanda failed to ask questions, she'd seen a car and a good apartment and every other thing seemed not to matter.
A few months later and they were married.
Just when we'd say she had just 4 months to her delivery, Amanda had a miscarriage.
It was devastating but this marked the beginning of a tremendous change in her life.
Being the assumed landlady of the house, she ran out of cash and at one time, decided to summon one of the tenants in order to ask for an advanced payment since his rent will be due in a few weeks.
"Madam nor be you I dey pay give before oo" the tenant replied.
What do you mean?
Na your husband senior brother, Mr Uche we dey pay give oo.

Amanda couldn't believe her ears and so she stormed to her husband John. Confronting john, she then came to understand from the words of John that they're (she and her husband) just squatters in the mansion
John's brother came home from Malaysia and moved into the home (The same house were Amanda was married into) . its obviously his house. He bought the house and asked his brother John to stay around as a care taker.
And so seeing all that's happened, the Malaysian bobo asked his brother to move to the boys quarters. And by this time, it became clear to Amanda that the house actually wasn't hers.
Amanda also learned that the car he drives, yes the Ford Mustang also belongs to the husband's brother, the flat is his too, even the ash John throws around belongs to the elder brother.
Amanda almost went mad, she'd left her boo who did everything to make sure she lacked nothing, the worst is that she didn't even leave him with good words, she made sure the boo understood how retched he is, how he's going to be unable to take care of her and how his life depended on Nairabet and dirty jobs in order to survive.
Now where will she go?
Amanda lost it all, the home she'd married for actually isn't hers, the car she'd seen that blew her thinking faculty belongs to someone else, her husband is just a squatter, even the man she married actually had less than enough for his daily needs but depended on the pocket of others in order to show off. It was all fake.
Amanda being so confused requested a divorce and when john refused, she quickly went and looked for his dowry and returned it back to him (This is allowed in Urhobo land)
That is how Amanda decided to stay single, she has no heart for love anymore and she doesn't even have the mind to go plead with her boo.
The thing is the boo is even richer now and wouldn't even want to have anything to do with Amanda.
All that glitters is not gold...
Look before you leap
And before you land, make sure the ground is level
Else you beak your limbs.

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