An Important Lesson I Learnt From 2017 LAGOS City Marathon

It was the Lagos city marathon and so I decided to run. Just at about the time when we all stood on the 0m Mark, the shot was fired. Oya come and see race.
People sabi run oo. Come and see race my brothers. Some people even ran and forgot the fact that its a marathon and not a 100m Race.

Some people were even faster than Hussain Bolt. Bolt nor sabi run naa. Come and see legs, sweat dripped from my body and when I could no longer run, I decided to study the whole thing.

As I stood, I began to realize that a lot of people were actually behind whereas I thought I was the only person still struggling to meet up.

As I looked deeper, I began to see those who ran like bolt, their rate of retardation began to increase. They became like keke, after a while, they were as fast as bicycle and later on, they joined me in the trekking lane.

The thing that surprised me most was the fact that the people being me suddenly mustard enough momentum and they picked the race like they had a new transmission fixed in them or drank some energy drink.

Those that were upfront became weary and within a little while, they were at the middle range, some even joined us too as they lost their strength from their initial race.

The one wen pain me most was this Kenyan man. When the race started, everybody looked at his stature and hissed, some even went like "See this one with e lekpa body, this one go fit run"?, but to their greatest surprise, he won the race.

Now let's bring this to real life situation.

The rate at which people make it these days is something else, I mean, let's face it, you just see a boy wearing one shirt for 4 days like myself and before you know it, he'll just release a Toyota spider, few months later a Range Rover sport follows and before you know it, he builds a house...

Another boy just goes to Ghana and before you know it, he don't blow.

Leave them make them dey hammer oo. That your small business wen you are doing is not useless. If you're consistent and persistent, you go reach there very soon.

Just make sure you're doing the best you can and keep your hands clean. Those wen buy cars today, by the time you'll buy your own, theirs would be so old they may even be at the same car shop where you'll be buying your own car and what's more, they may even buy the same brand and model you're buying.

Be slow but steady in all your doings. If na work you dey learn, learn am well, if na school you dey go, school very well. Nor follow people wen get long leg compete because when the race cast, you'll be trampled upon. Be too at what you do and be regular.

Never let a day pass without checking that your thing because as the African proverb puts it, when you roast a yam and decide to walk away from it, you'll come back to see it totally burnt.

And that is how I won the medal from the Lagos city Marathon.

Hope you learnt from my marathon Race?


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