Fiction: Adultery In NYSC Camp. Mr Matt Querries Aunty Vera

It was not a small issue last night my dear people I stood and watched as aunt Vera, a very fine neighbor was packed out and sent back to her parent's house by her lovely husband
Anunt Vera as I said is a very fine lady, her skin dey shine, her bobby stand, her lips are always red and she loves fine boys too. She is a married woman ooo. But she nor dey let fine boy waka pass.
Aunt Vera was a student but around august last year, she completed her degree and was posted this January for NYSC. I respected aunt Vera a lot but what she did took some part of this respect away (may be about 2%)
According to uncle Matt, when aunt Vera had spent a week on camp, he got a call from the NYSC that his wife is doing some corner marking. Not that she was actually marking the floor or a football pitch but as always, she was keeping some corner marking on some young male corpers.
3 days later uncle matt said he got a call that his wife has finally disgraced her wedding vows. She was doing some Oyibo play with corper fine boy.

The army even described as corper fine boy was pressing aunty Vera's head against the wall, against the pillow, corper fine boy lay on top of her and was doing kerewa. Chai. Even me sef I felt for uncle matt.
So uncle matt drove to the camp and as soon as aunt Vera saw him, a powerful anointing in the form of shock hit her. She'd removed the wedding ring on her fingers and so the husband had a more concrete evidence against her. Uncle Matt had not announce his covert visit and so aunty Vera was caught sitting just beside her corper bobo.
When asked, aunty Vera was too shy to speak, her face was buried in shame (If she actually knew what shame is). And uncle matt went like

"Honey do not worry, I will not lift a finger on you, just get up and let's go home, your loads are already in the trunk of my car. I will make it easy for you.
As soon as I heard the word " Honey " I quickly added "Bitter honey" within me.
Now aunty Vera came home from her father's house last night and was begging her husband and he refused. Uncle matt was even crying
Uncle matt: Vera I toiled for you, I made sure you never lacked a thing. Vera I loved you, I had a chance to travel to the united states but because of my love for you, I let it pass.
Aunty Vera: Honey I am sorry well well...

Uncle Matt: You can go and marry your corper lover. Go and enjoy yourself and please never come back to my house ever again.
And that is how uncle Matt drove off to go and sleep in a hotel. Its only his chi that knows how he's feeling right now.
I will keep you guys updated later on
But I think this is not worth it at all. How would she go and be chopping ogbono when she's been wedded to eat only Egusi?
How would she come and be acting the role of Johnny.
NYSC is not a place to flirt if you're a married woman. Its true that you'll definitely see finer men but hold your cats and never let your cats betray your vows if you're married.
Those army officers and people watching over you are more than you think oo. They will not warn you for a second time. You will just see your hubby or fiancé with a surprise face.
Have a beautiful morning my people.
©Mrpinner 2017

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