Fiction: The Most Memorable Way To Celebrate Valentine

So the night came, she'd come from afar, we had fun like crazy, she's a fine girl, I be fine boy too.
Obudu was a Wonderful place to behold. The green landscape alone is alone to make a man cum, the food nko? so breathtaking.
To the dance hall, we danced and I actually had a little drama arranged when we stepped in the spot. It was a display of roses and so I arranged a very romantically decorated table for 2. Hired a violin also and had Nancy play it just as soon as she's seated.

The wine and food smell nice and so was the air.
"I'm so lucky to have you my dear", she quickly added and so we spent the best time enjoying the little stories we remembered, she's a great listener, I'm a great talker, cracked her up a little and she blushed all the time we talked. Yes na, i know how to talk blush into every woman and she was no exception.
The music is nice, the lights are pink and I'm so same what her panties, the candles in the table were just a perfect match for the beautiful rose housed on a nearby vase..
"its wonderful such a wonderful place" yea, I replied.
It was time to leave and so I called to ensure my suite is reserved, got to the hotel and got the keys from the receptionist, straight in we went and so was the mood.
It was such a beautiful evening and since it was almost 5:30 in the evening, I presented her the most beautiful gift I could ever imagine
Honey I wanna play a game. She nodded in agreement, I placed the blind folds on her, we walked gently towards the balcony and there it was. Such a beautiful sight to behold.
Got to her back, removed the blindfolds and kneeling down with a face like I'm about to cry
I said
"For being in my life, for always being beside me through all and for being the only reason for my smiles, I present you the sunset.
Her eyes swollen now, she's about to cry, I caught the very first tears, I knew she's emotional now, I added a hug and and a kiss followed.
My valentine gift was the sunset and it made her cry, it made her realize how important she was in my life
She curled into my arms like a lamb and I enjoyed the warmth emanating from her body, we had the most memorable night and I know she's never gonna forget such a wonderful treatment coming from me.
I know this is not what you expected from a spoiled pikin like me but I guess I changed and repented from nothing.
I had the most beautiful valentine celebration and I'm still having it. My Valentine will never end and I'm sorry if yours wasn't as boring as mine.
If you're reading this and about to hiss, you probably thought there would be sex right?
Well, we didn't have sex, sex is not a proof of love and so it doesn't freak me and never did. A cuddle is enough for me and we cuddled all night.
That's how I spent my Valentine in My dreams
Hope you enjoyed the fiction?
Smiled when I woke up anyways.
Merry Valentine my friends

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