How To Quickly Help Your Sex Partner Reach Orgasm This Valentine

Orgasms? Oh Yea Orgasm.
Its a very necessary thing in your life as a human being, but wait, most of you actually think its only necessary for females but you're totally wrong. Others don't even know how to send your lady to the world of orgasm, but I'm sure this will do. If it doesn't, inbox me, I have over 3 volumes on several ways to throw her/him to the orgasm world.

Listen, an orgasm is necessary for both male and female, forget these educated people who tagged it Cuming and made it peculiar to males because orgasm is orgasm.
For the females, its reached at that point when you begin to feel like the wall is spinning, your head seems to have opened and the only thing that you can get a hold of is the vibration from within you.

Orgasm is very necessary, so important that even my own crush (Onyinye Ndupu) admonished that one stands a chance to be mocked by the devil if he/she never experienced an orgasm before death.
No wonder these married people with men with little prick never stops going around the city looking for these young boys that sabi the thing.
For every female, an orgasm is a happy spot. It makes the sex worth it. I mean what is sex without orgasm? To me its just a mere press-up or push up as you may call it.
Do not be surprised that one of the major reasons why she may want to go after another guy is because you're not able to treat the pussy, f**uck the pussy to the point when it begins to swell up like kpomo. Yes, at that point when her waists starts shaking, she begins to moan heavily, her nipples aroused and standing. That's the point when she actually wraps guides your waist with her legs, she uses the legs to press your dick deeper into her.

When she does this, watch out for those foamy fluids. Yes she's reached orgasm. I would have shown or teach you about the G-Spot, but I know some of those on my list spoil pass me, but if I get much request from inbox messages, I will post on it.
Go home today and give your wife, Girlfriend or lover an orgasm. Even if you're the type that swings, give your swing a good orgasm and I promise she'll always wish to be swinged upon.
Now if you're a girl that really wants your guy to cum real hard, touch him on those spots that makes him pray for Buhari, while he's on you, lick his ears, suckle on his nipples too, tickle him, yes now his dick and libido are flowing real hard. Lick his ear again. I'm sure he's now laughing like he inhaled some laughing gas, maybe like ewu Onitsha.
Give him that style where you're the one on top, riding on his dick, if you do this very well, I'm sure he's gonna reach orgasm real fast.
You'll now rest on his shoulder and talk it over, some times you'll have just the blanket or duvee covering your fine body, your hair all over his chest.
He's proud, you made him happy, you're happy too.
You'll never be mocked by the devil again
That's the power of an Orgasm.
Good night...
©MrPinner 2017

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