Mother Married For Me And The Wife Brought Me Joy

So my mother promised to marry for me and I thought its a joke. I moved back to portharcourt where I had a teaching job. I have a Bachelor degree in Physics education and so I taught my students very well and made sure they never lacked anything.

It was a Friday morning and so I quickly went to work so I complete all I'm supposed to do and come home in order to prepare for some Clubbing.

By 2:30PM, I was through with my tasks and off I was to my place of abode. To my surprise I saw my mother at home. She'd brought some food stuffs along, palm oil, Yam, Udala (Agbalomo) were among the stuffs she brought from the village. Aside from these, she also brought a very young Lady, from my assessment of her, I know she should be around 19 years old.

Mummy had paid her bride price back in the village, this means I'm already married. I'm a married man and being a good son of my mum's, I understood it would be so bad to turn her efforts down. If she'd seen her good enough to mother her grand children, so be it.

Girl: Bloda Good afterloon
Me: Trying to understand what she said, thank you my dear.
Mother: My son this is the girl I promised to bring for you. She's a very good girl, her cooking skills are second to non, and she's a good girl also.

In my mind, I asked "which kind good girl"...

I frowned at the wits of my mum, but on a second thought, I understood her. She's been my mum for over 3 decades now, she's never seen me with a woman nor has she ever heard about my previous dates.

At a time she'd stylishly asked if my dick is actually functional as a guy and at that moment I understood where I inherited my naughtiness from.

In several occasions, she'd paid girls to come play with me, she however worried more as they'd return to her complaining of my not giving any attention to them.

Mother was worried when she learned about gay and lesbianism. She asked if I'm one of the gays and I angrily looked at her with my corner eye and she having realized her wit and talks were not funny anymore apologised.

Agboma didn't understand much of english, she neither knew how to write nor could she pronounce any of the 26 letters in english alphabet. She was such a beautiful girl. Her legs were good enough, she had no stretch marks, she was about 5.5FT in height, her body was perfect for me. I liked the choice mama had made for me, but how do I present her to my learned friends?

I was due for a wife, but my problem is not the women, I feared settling with the wrong woman, not that I'm a bad man or have some questionable character. The only thing I know that was bad about me is my temper. But I know we'd cope.

With time, I got used to her, I taught her things about the city, how to commute and how to exchange pleasantries without a lot of communication errors.

She's a fast learner, she's a good cook as mum had earlier said, she sabi talk too, she sabi the thing. She's neat, she's pretty and so I decided to invest in her.

After our 3rd week together, I quickly enrolled her with a lesson teacher. My aim was to brush her up and if she's good enough, enrol her in one of those adult education centres where she'll learn during the day while I helped her tidy some of the steps she might be missing.

This went on for a couple of months and finally, her first term result came out, she was good, a good learner, she'd come 16th in a class of 42. Wow, I wonder what the 1st person looked like. Maybe they had 2 heads and 4boobs.

By now I have seen she's a good student too,  I saw a lot of potential in her and so when it was time for SSCE, I enrolled her and made sure she never skipped a day without reading her books. By now her spoken english was clear, she could write and even read a novel to my hearing without missing words.

By September, her results came out and she made 7 Credits. Wow. What a lady,

I quickly enrolled her in one of those part time programs in a college of education and after a few year, she graduated and finally became a teacher. She had a Bachelor's Degree in Physical and health education.

I was proud of her, she understood my every wink, she is a good manager, and would make a good mother for my kids. We had our first kid, second and decided to stop there.
Till date, I still live happily with my wife, we have no problems and even when they came, we understood how to go about them.

We built our world together, today we've built our own private school. She was the principal while I was the proprietor and together we nursed our school and as I write this we have other branches around the state.

We collectively built our world from the scratch, she appreciates me for all we've been through as a couple.

I don't think I'll ever be able to live a day without Agboma, I'm sure she feels the same way too.

Sometimes we just need to see our parent's suggestions as they see it.
They can never go wrong.

©Mrpinner 2017

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