My Experience As A Nigerian Final Year Student Wasn't Easy


I remember how I wrote the previous papers, they were easy as stress free. Despite the normal 4 hour 30 minutes designated for Design of structural elements, I left the hall within 2 hours. Now this is what happened with the last paper for the semester.

It was another core course, 4 units course for that matter, the course lecturer had directed that we read some certain areas and ignore the others. Being tired of the school system already, I read more of the areas he'd prescribed and read less of the area he didn't mention.

It was now time for exams, having read all the areas he'd prescribed, I confidently went to sit at the front (Na me be book na), answer sheet was distributed and I got mine. Secondly it was the question paper.

I rest my head for a while, may be a minute or so in order to kill all the exam-linked tension within me and finally raised my head. Just as I scanned through the question paper, my eyes turned red, an instant headache struck me. The course lecturer had deceived us.

Instead of the areas he'd mentioned, he brought questions from other areas that pleased him. I was dead. I stood still for minutes, sweat covered my body, I looked back, front, side ways only to discover I was siding at the middle of those I knew wouldn't stand a chance with me if it were competition.

I looked at the walls, I also began to count the ceilings around me and chew a lot out of my pencil. The Biro I had with me would have complained if only it had mouth to as I chewed all my frustration against the cover.

I looked around the hall, there were over 5 invigilators whose faces were strange to me.

Instantly a kind of courage descended on me and I called on one of them.

Me: Weldone sir,
Him: Yes, What's the problem
Me: Oga nor vex oo. The thing be say if you leave me here, I go die. I go get this course carryover.
Him: so what would you like me to do?

(This was strange, I've never heard or seen an invigilator this nice before)

Hearing what he'd said, I quickly scanned the hall with my wonderful eyes and over there at the back, I saw akpors. Akpors was seriously busy with his answer sheet. He was writing the thing. I wanted to be with my real guy akoors

Me: I would like to go to the back seat

Him: that's not possible, do not worry, once I see a good spot, I'll take you there.

For 10 minutes I waited, I tried to talk to the guy besides me, he Quickly covered his answer sheet and said "Oyo" to me (Meaning On your own) chai.

The other person by my right did not even answer me
This was my finally year exams ooo. Any little thing, I'll have to come back for an extension. God forbid.

But my God who understands the plight of the innocent undergraduate did many wonders that day.

Suddenly the course lecturer came close, he was not with his colleague as they laughed at the students, calling them Olodo (Little did they know the biggest olodo sat very close to them)

Quickly, he began to describe how to tackle the question with his colleague, chai. My people I tuned in oo. I adjusted my hearing frequency. Eben though he was over 7ft away from my sitting position, I just focused my ears and made sure I wrote everything as he'd described it.

I wrote oo. I punched the calculator, it was the right answer, I wanted to jump but no way, out of the 4 questions, this was the most weighed as it was assigned 25marks.

Being sure of the answer I'd gotten, I quickly answered the others and submitted my booklet.

After my exams, I quickly went to a nearby shop and bought 2 cold bottles of Eva Water and presented to the lecturers and they congratulated me, saying I'm a good boy. For my mind. Una help my solution.

After the exams, those I whispered to for an answer had their face frowned, they complained of the question too.

The akpors I was hoping to go and sit with didn't answer the question I answered, this simply means he missed the 25 marks assigned to the question.

I was happy, now I know God created me well, he added a hearing organ that's just superb.

That is how I got an A in that course, that's how I made it out of the higher institution.

Isn't this a testimony?

Good morning my people.

©MrPinner 2017

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