The Effects Of Looting On Nigeria's Citizens

I'm not surprised that the only reason why Nigeria is in this thing called #Recession is because sombori somewia, some people somehow decided to milk every thing Nigeria ever had and stash it somewhere under their homes.

I'm a young Nigerian guy, I've not eaten good food for days now, I walk into the bush to ease my self on my way to Portharcourt and there I see a mother with her 3 kids struggling to pick palm nuts, this they'll sell and use the money to buy food for the family.

I see that graduate, yes that graduate, she's came out with a a first-class degree in Accounting, yet she roams the street in search something to do, her skin looking So worn, her clothes torn and her shoes begging for help. She had a dream, now she's got the key, but little did she know our leaders have changed the padlocks.

I see a mother crying because she's got non to offer her kids this morning be it food or money.

I see a father swimming in the gutter simply because he wants to be able to fend for his family.

When those that hardly lift a thing are somewhere living in excess. When the funds that are needed to Build infrastructures, industries, public health facilities, pay workers, revive the fallen companies like the DSC are squandered on things that matter less.

The truth is that I wouldn't have written this but seeing a married man walk over 8 miles all because he has no money to pay for his transport fair is so disheartening.

They claim to be sanitizing the society of every corruption in it, they claim to recover loots, yet we have nothing to live on. Now millions of dollars which equates billions of Naira has been discovered and I would want to see what it would be used for.

My country is not poor, what we have and what has been the problem in Nigeria is a system filled with hungry thieves.

People who would at all cost , destroy the good mind of a good leader by imposing their evil seeds in the name of policy.

I still demand a better Nigerian I still want the poor people like my self to smile from the things we can find in our country.

Where are the jobs they promised?
Where is the good life they promised?
Where is the #5000 monthly allowance they promised?
What happens to their words condemning those who went abroad for treatment? Aren't they the one still in London for some organ transplant?

They spice their tongues and come up with good lies.
Such lies that made my people give off a good leader at the site of the so-called APC rice.

I hate crying early in the morning, I hate hearing the pains of my fellow Nigerians. The tears of a poor mother as she nods her head having realized she's got absolutely nothing to offer her kids.

In their name are mansions, mansions with no occupants in them, in their homes are billions with no one to eat them, imagine a man with 3 kids living in a mansion of 32 rooms when Kunle and co are out there in the cold, under the bridge for shelter.

I am tired of this thing called Country.
Someone please make me an assassin.
Someone please give me a rifle.
Could someone please give me a sniper.
Could someone please give me Ghana

Nigeria needs to change

This is just my own little pain
I hope it reached your heart too.

I now wipe off the tears from my eyes.

Good morning Mr, Good morning Mrs, Good morning Miss, good morning my friends

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