Nigeria Politics: The Monsters Will Come Again In 2018/2019 Election Campaigns

And so Richard Nwachukwu became a very bad leader. I loved my people to the extend that I beat them up each time they refuse to bow to me.
Every body grumbled and frowned at my method of leadership and since I was sure its not bad after all, I decided to make a presentation.
In this presentation, I gathered those in my cabinet that pointed corrective fingers at my modus of Leadership. To me, they were Ndi Ara, werey and ijiots who didn't understand the philosophy of the common man.

Now I brought along a chicken, yes a hen. When all were gathered, I walked to the podium, stood erect without a word.
I started pulling out the hairs from this chicken, I pulled it out even though the chicken cried with a great pain, I kept pulling, sometimes I could feel the chicken heart beat coming faster than normal but wetin concern me?
I kept on pulling, within a few minutes, I completely stripped this innocent chicken. It was naked, it was now an object of caricature, a disgraced bird in pain.
So I tossed it to the ground. The chicken staggered off to an exit and just at that moment, I reached my pocked and bought a handful of feeds. Yes, chicken feed.
I began to drop this feed on the floor and make sure the chicken would see, smell and reach this feed. I stylishly aligned it as I walked back to my seat.
I threw all the feed to the floor and the poor creature continued enjoying itself. Ignoring the pain, without the ability to remember they falling from the same hands that brought to much pain.
This is the case with Nigeria, Nigerians and our politicians. They subject us to pains, to so much hate for one another, they make us regret ever being a Nigerian but the moment they start sharing rice, Okporoko and Bikes, Keke and Cars, we forget the pains they inflicted upon us.
We love to sing their praises at the sight of the smallest change thereby forgetting the long years of pain and agony.
The thing is, if we do not stop this madness, they'll at a point in time see no need to drop the feed and kill us all.
This is what is going to happen come 2018. They will make things easier, fuel price will fall, rice will come down, things go dey, and for what?
Just to have you sing their praise again. Just to buy your trust once more and I know the foolish ones will still shout to their glory.
I think we need to live unlike the chicken in this country. Let's scare these leaders by ignoring their feeds and watch them tremble with great surprise.
Please share this till it gets to my fellow Nigerians.
It will not get there if you don't share it.

We need a lasting change in this land and it would only come when we reach the hearts of many through these words.
Thank you for sharing
©MrPinner 2017

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