Reasons Why YOu Must Marry Your Best Friend


So I've been friends with this guy for over 5 years now, been friends with this lady for about 2 years now and we're still in that little world called friendship, we're happy.

Its not because we do not fight, its not because we have no differences, its simply because we kept the friendship going, we understand our boundaries and we know when its time for a break and the right time for laughter.

We share our pains and cuddle our eyes to dry our tears. We share the little we have and when we have non, we rest our nerves and hope for another day when we'll have plenty to throw around.

This is what couples and lovers need to understand. You will keep fighting and beating, kicking and slapping when you see it all as a "RELATIONSHIP" and ignore the word "FRIENDSHIP".

little wonder why a relationship expert admonished that marry our best friend instead of a husband.

Yes, a friend will always over look your wrongs, a friend would accept his wrong and apologize even though he's the wronged.

Sometimes you wonder how Mr and Mrs A, a poor couple manage to cope despite their condition right?

Its simple. They ignored their wants and realized and focused on their need for one another.

Marry your friend and be happy. A relationship will create a strange union and no man is ever relaxed in a strange land.

In true friendship, we're both wrong but in a relationship, one partner, one would always think and believe he's right and deserves an apology which might not always be available.

Its another one from your guy

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