S€x: The Most Effective Way To Make Love To A Woman

Always ensure you start the whole thing from the neck.

The truth is that Every woman loves the tingling, body-shuddering, goose pimples-eliciting, otherwordly sensation that courses through the body as it responds to the feel of the teeth (be subtle guys, this is not some Suya or Kilishi that you bite anyhow,  just bite gingerly), as it also responds to the feel of the tip of the tongue, as it gallivants around the skin of the neck.

As quickly as you begin to get the moaning and gasps, advance to the multi-task mode and watch out for the most pleasurable moments ever.

I'll advice you continue with the neck activity while your fingers are still on the nipple along with your index finger and your thumb.

Thing is, 80% of woman out there would find the sensation more intense, the pleasure climbs to the peak as soon as you begin to fondle up to 2 pleasure spots instantaneously.

Let me also point out that At this point, it’s important to note that when it comes to sexual intercourse and love-making, it’s a woman’s world and you'd better get her into this world or never show her the entrance

Now remember that your Chi has blessed you with 2 hands. He understood the importance of these hands during sex and I am sure its one of the reasons why he made them 2. So it’s important that they come in handy while having sex, so as you’re nibbling on her neck and caressing her nipple (which should be erect and fully firm after 5 minutes of multi-tasking) with your ‘right hand’, slide your left hand down to her *pink warm haven* region and massage the temple and camel toe.

While the mouth works on the neck, the right hand on her nipple, the left hand hunting for wetness down below, temporarily remove the hand from the nipple and use it to guide her hand to your penis.

Once contact is achieved, no guidance is needed. A handjob is learned on the job, not taught.

So while you’re giving her body a ‘threesome of sexual pleasures’ and she’s straddling your penis, utility becomes mutual, but for the woman, pleasure is four-fold.

The most common reason why many men can’t last beyond 10-15 minutes during sexual intercourse is because they are often times in a rush to get there, to hit the g-spot, to climax and attain that ultimate satisfaction.

But this defeats the purpose of the entire sexual experience.

To avoid this common scenario, when you’re at the ‘threesome of sexual pleasure’ stage, allow it to ensue for another 5-7minutes, after which you proceed to make your mouth useful on the breasts.

The breasts are like the owners themselves; they are jealous and they love attention, so you have to stop all other activity and concentrate on making her get to the promised land.

Suck the breast, nibble on them for as long as you can, till you begin to see unbridled gasps.

When she’s at the peak of pleasure, she’s in a giving-mood, so gently guide her head down to your penis and give her a mouthful, provided she’s willing.

By this time, foreplay has lasted for almost 20 minutes and after about 5-7 more minutes of getting a head, you can reciprocate the gesture, if it’s your thing.

Love-making shouldn’t be monotonous and mundane, so before the penetration, get her back in the mood by spending 2 minutes roaming around her body- every part, every sensitive spot, every tender region and when you’re both at the optimum yearn-point, gently use the cap of your erect penis to rub her *pink warm haven* region.

Do this for 2 minutes and then gradually thrust into her *pink warm haven*.

Forget the sex position thing joor. Even missionary is as good as doggy but you must know how to stroke it

Avoid exceeding your speed limit of thrusting. Make sure you go easy, back and forth until the road is as smooth as a tarmac. Then continue your thrusting.

Just before you decide yo show you're good at the gears, be certain to ask for the permission of the car owner and be sure she needs a faster ride.

As you go faster, I'm certain you'll get a 10/10 yes, for every 10 thrusts,you'll get 10 good answers.

Do not come and tell me how spoiled I am ooo.
I didn't create those organs and I'm not the one that made then work from the younger years of a man's life.

If you follow this, even if you picked her from the club, she will steal your complimentary card, she will take your number before you know it

Hope you enjoyed it?

©Mrpinner 2017

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