I just have been in serious pains since morning ever since that useless pastor made that sermon.
After this sermon the idiot asked the younger ladies to cast and bind every Okada rider from their life, aside from this, he also asked them to pray against suitors living in one room apartments.
My sister come and see prayer, all the girls bent down, some even raised their hands up, others bright out their handkerchief and prayed like never before.

Some guys prayed too, but their rate of praying wasn't the same as that of the ladies.
Ayo actually bit his lips as he watched Bisi praying, bisi and Ayo have been cohabiting for a couple months now. Bisi had no where to go except the little room which actually belonged to Ayo. And there she is indirectly praying fire upon Ayo's against head.
"Any man living in one room coming your way for marriage, let the fire of hell consume him in Jesus name", that was the prayer point.
They prayed, the foolish pastor began to narrate his own story, how he met his wife and how they lived happily ever and after.
I knew this idiot ooo. He was living in my street years back. I suddenly remember how he used to fight with his girlfriend back then and now he will stand I'm the pulpit and spill shit like he had a home filled with all back then. The truth is he doesn't even have a perfect home.
Now listen. Your pastors will tell you how they lived and made a batter home with their wife, but one thing they'll fail to tell you is the mistakes they made and how they solved it. They'll spice it all up to make it sound nice to your ears and you the gullible ones will follow, you'll keep looking out to have a life the same as pastor's.
You keep rejecting suitors upandan thinking a perfect home exists anywhere except the one you build yourself.
Thing is, I've seen the rich ladies on cars, jeeps and mansions complain of unhappiness in their union.
They suddenly become price tags. Something like " Do you know how much that costs?
You dare watch that TV by this time of the night? That's a 3.5 million naira WiFi TV my friend.
All because they moved into a home ready made for them.
As a young man, young lady, looking to start a life with your boo. Accept him the way he is and build it the way you can. Speak to your chi and believe in his blessings as these would help you build a better home where joy will dwell.

I know of a former wheelbarrow pusher that got married to a very pretty woman, today they're landlords and enjoy their home in happiness and understanding for one another.
These pastors keep spicing words for the lazy ones and they will be jumping up to say "Amen".
Saying amen to a future filled with money but no happiness.
If you take your time to learn about these persons called pastors, you'll discover they're persons with such a rough background, even your current situation is better than theirs back then.
Don't let them deceive you oo
If you have a bobo with a bright future, he earn a legit living, has a good saving habit, is willing to learn new things in order to better his life. Love him and never let him off your sight.
He will bring you joy when he's finally made it.
You'll both build your dream home gradually and before you know it, with your love and blessing, prayer and good luck wishes, he will get there and buy you those pretty things you desire.

I'm sorry if you're among these pastors that lied today just to ask them to sow a seed that will provoke the lord in order to get their dream man with jeeps and mansions.
I just love saying the truth no matter who it hurts
©MrPinner 2017

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