Reason Why Everybody Must Not Be A Graduate

I remember Tony, my former neighbor from way back...
Growing up, Tony never liked stress, he saw going to sit in one hall full of kids trying so hard to make an A in English or mathematics as a big stress.
To us all, Tony was a bad egg, he's a bad influence, so we believed. A teacher at one time frowned at the class rep for sitting close to Tony, even parents living nearby warned their kids to never associate with Tony because to them, he's a very unserious child.
Time passed, kids became adults, Now men, we all as old students would at times organize a forum for old students to meet, talk and catch up like we used to back in the days.

On this special day, we were just gathered at one spot, drinks plenty, Chicken sef dey, pepper soup, Turkey, even Nkwobi full brekete.
We dey shayo, every body dey bubble, suddenly there came a shot. From the sound, I could tell its coming from a shortgun.
Having heard this, men became kids once again as everybody did all he could to save his head, me self na under the table I hide my head as I didn't want to hear stories.
To our greatest surprise, Tony signalled 2 of his own kind and they headed to his car, my head became big as they came back with each man carrying his own rifle.
The tension eased a bit. In another couple of minutes, the boys were over powered and brought to the grooving ground.
3 haggard looking boys wearing black jeans, having red scarfs tied on their necks... I wonder what they think they are... 2 pack? Mtcheew
Tony threatened to pull the trigger if they failed to state their mission. They begged and cried and finally confessed.
They came to raid the square, to rob and clean any man they found, they're also going to raid all shop owners in the area including women.
Tony saved the day, we all hailed him.
Looking at Tony, he wasn't bad for himself, he had the latest model of Toyota Sienna.
We were all happy... We felt secured, me self I wonder wetin for be my own fate if this tony and his guys weren't at the scene. I'm sure these boys would have slapped the black off my head
Tony's other siblings are rich, I heard no body ever made trouble for his family because Tony the rugged son is never too far from home, he'll wreck havoc on any trespasser, he's gentle but more wicked than a viper when he's provoked
In life, in every family there is no useless human, child or student. Society tends to place a child or tag him as bad if he's not so good in class or so serious with his studies, but somewhere in the future, you'll realize that every single young man you see is a box filled with potentials.
I'm sure mothers with identical twins would understand that the twin babies may look very much like each other, but the difference comes in the choices they make, their favorite colors, you name it
Tony is currently a metal fabricator, his contracts are innumerable, he understood his limitation and made for the possible alternative.
From this story, i therefore put it to you that you just haven't been observant enough to hit on that thing you're good at. This is probably the reason why it seems like you're not there yet.
That Michael went to school and read Gynaecology does not mean Richard Nwachukwu should.
That Mazi Okoro's daughter studied economics and currently works with the federal government doesn't mean Cynthia would because if you look closely, you'll understand the fact that all fingers are not equal.
Look beyond your child's attitude towards mathematics or History, try to know his passion. It could be carpentry, it could be farming, it could be other skilled jobs out there. Develop him in that mental path and I promise you, he will be the best among his peers.
Come to think about it, if all men became Doctor and engineers, who would mend our shoes, who will be by the road side to vulcanize your tyre when it goes bad.
If I go school and you go school, who will be the drummer boy when the traditional drummer in the town square when our daughter wants to get married?
You see, we must not all go to school
I hope you understand my point?
There is more in everyman than meets the eyes
Happy working

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