Short Story: How I Never Allowed Xenophobic Influence Affect My Love For Her

Stopped at the airport to pick her up. Its been such a long journey from South Africa. We've been dating electronically for months now, we're so attached and would be ready to go any miles for each other.

About 21.05GMT, I sat just outside Murtala Muhammed Airport to welcome her since its her first time here in Nigeria.

I was so restless especially as the chats, our video calls, the thoughts of her red lips, what it'll feel like to have those pressed against mine, her beautiful curves, her beautifully shaped boobs, all lingered on my mind and at this time I can't wait to have these all to myself. I know she felt same too.

My heart Skipped as I watched her step off the hall, pushing a trolley with her box and other goodies on it.

O yea...!

That's Makoma! Were the only words that could come out of my mouth.

I ran as quickly as my feet's could carry me and finally had her jump into my arms. The hug was tight and I could feel her heart beat as it raced above the normal rate (100 beats/minute)...

Kissing her, I could hear people murmur from the crowd. Some went like "na south African woman make this woman dey jump like mugu?

For me sef I nor send. Wetin concern me with where the only person wen dey gladden my heart come from?

She's from south Africa, if e pain you try drink Acid.

I called on the Cab man who assisted me put her baggages in the trunk as I shortly joined her in the back seat.

The kissing continued till we got back to our suite in F & G Hotels...

We rolled on and off the sheets till they finally began to smell like us, our lips really had a lot to do as the kisses continued to compliment our love making, our hearts beating against each other, her moaning, my moaning loud enough to upset the occupants in the next suite but for the beautiful sound of the music.

The night was a lovely one, we had the best time in Lagos and even till the day she left.

She had the best time if her life in Nigeria and last last she began to wonder if I actually was a Nigerian...

Why didn't the events of #Xenophobic Attacks on my people kill my love for her? Why didn't I stop loving her?

Well, its my heart, she's my woman. She makes me happy and never gave any reason for me to feel or have doubts about her love for me...

So we remained in love and continued to love each other till I write the next episode.

©MrPinner 2017

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