Love: The Pains Of Love And Why People Stop Believing In Love


No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, no matter the number of years you've been together, if you're not meant for each other, there is no glue, no chemical or biological or covalent bond that would ever bring you together at the end.

Sometimes its just better to let time, distance and pressure do the work instead of sitting out there troubling your mind and soul over somebody that doesn't even care about what you go through by the day.

When I look at everything that happened, I realized its all a blessing in disguise, what would not be will never be.

Finally time to clear these cobwebs off my path, get them off my room and sweep off every debris that's had me thinking for months and patch on.

I think "No woman No cry" is a nice line for me right now, I've had my worst and most times its always worst. Maybe I'm not designed for a Nigerian lady, maybe I'm not designed for this part of the world.

Now that it is come this far, I'll have to leave off on my own. This was my only hope, the one and only one I'd always hoped on, built my castle on you and now I look out and watch you walk out, ride on another car with another man.

As if this wasn't enough, I even called to apologize, I got a sea of silence instead. So obvious you've thrown it all away. Probably I never realized I made you feel alone.

Loving you was the main source of strength for me and every day felt like a juicy day cos I knew somewhere out there your heart beat for non but me.

Now I'll have to get used to living without your smiles, your hugs and your beautiful hair on my chest. Those lips, tasty and juicy even more than the sweetest of all.

This is my war, now I know. It has always been me all along and now its still gonna be me.

Its gonna be such a bumpy road, its what life's brought forth and I know I'm gonna do but sulk it up like a running nose.

Thank you for the heart you just broke, bye to my fears, hello to my new world of freedom.

Its a good thing on still alive.

It really wasn't worth it after all.

I'll just get over it after a couple days...

Uninstall the old me, from exactly 5 days back and install a new version, but this time, I'll make sure those 4 little letters making that word won't be added to my neural schema...


Its a world of its own...
Its got its own rules, its got its own mind

Time to sulk it up like a running nose.

©MrPinner 2017

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