Do You Know The Value Of Gold In You As A Human?

The Gold You are...

Sometimes because of the situation of things, because of the economic situation of our country, you're discouraged from doing the little you can.

But here is what I think

In you lies a lot of qualities admired by all, in you lies the ability to plant a smile on someone's face, to gladden the heart if the bereaved, in you lies a million skills, to everyone, you're a star, but there you are, sitting and sulking. Allowing your worries get a better part of you.

Need I tell you that a gold, no matter the carat, no matter the brilliance and sparks will never be able to beautify if it is always stuffed in the box?

What about the star, if the cloud keeps on, how would the stars of the heavens beautify the midnight skies?

What about the sun? People complain its too hot, yet, the day it doesn't feel like coming out, every human, animal grumbles. If the sun allows the cloud keep on, how would it add its own beauty?

Sometimes you just have to grab the life in you and push on, for success comes in trying and not in waiting or dormancy

Make a change today, stop the clouds of life from taking your shine.

Come out and glow and I promise you'll find that which you've always sought

©MrPinner 2017

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