Education: The Ills I Find With Our Educational System and Its Policies

I wonder how an educational system, policies and guides would be planned by a man/woman who'd never held a chalk nor been in the classroom once before.

You want a group if student to acquire a good knowledge all from the classroom, but you forget there are some topics that even graduates are yet to understand.

You want all 8 Topics to be taught within a period if 3 months, there are over 45 other topics to be learnt from other subjects.

Maybe you've forgotten they're actually kids and not Tape recorders that replay sound just as they've recorded.

You plan all these, you fail to consider other things that'll make this learning environment convenient to all he kids.

If you expect all the kids to master over 53 topics within 3 months, why didn't you reduce the number of subjects?

You actually made these syllabus based on the assumption that all the kids in a class room are born genius.

You also believe that the best place to show intelligence is in the classroom.

You brought the grading system where the best kids are call out and clapped for, they're honored for being brilliant, they're the talk of the campus, while the struggling ones, the dull ones like me are the Ewus and Mgbadas, they're the ones that carry the class in the head and so they're highly infinitesimal. They don't count. Little did you know that education is not for the brilliant but dir the struggling ones.

If I spy my friend's work and add some Akanuche, I will score higher, I will be applauded, yet, if you corner me one day and ask me to repeat the same task, I begin to sweat, k begin to shiver.

If I cram to class and pass very well, I'm a good student. And that's how you designed it all.

I'll spend 3 years in Kindergarten, 6 or 5 years in Primary school, another 6 years or 5 in secondary and another 4 or 5 in the university, Polytechnic making a total of 20 good years only to be offered a what? Bsc, HND, BTech? Its just a paper, everybody is happy but what can I do with this paper? Nothing.

I can't even get a job with it, and last last, I will have to gaan learn welding (metal Fabrication), bead making or soap making, I may even end up with fashion designing just to be able to make it through the day and what do I find out?

That my Bsc is actually lying under my box where rats are just waiting for an opportunity to pounce on it when they can...

That I would have earned more if I'd invested those 20 years in learning these skills?

So what use is the educational policies you're so reverend and paid for?

Dear sir Don't you have sense? Can't you see how your policy has made some parents waste the little money they had?

Abeg you people should Redraft the Educational system of the country and make it skill oriented jare.

Na my Piece of mind be that.

I'm tired of this world

©MrPinner 2017

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