He Rejected Her, But I Took Her In (Part II)

.....I didn't know what Matthew would say, I don't know what the public would say if I decide to let her stay. But for the sake of humanity, I decided to gamble.

I let her stay and as she stayed, I could see she's not as bad as she looks, she's just a perfect definition of a good woman and so her personality caught my attention.

Matthew visited my house after a day and seeing she's still with me, he picked a fight, we had verbal fights as he abused the hell out of me. But me self, I nor send.
You saw her as a piece of poison even without knowing her inner person.

Days passed and with each passing day, my heart .elts for her, even when I went out to hustle, my mind always stroked her, I wanted to know how she's coping as she's the only one in the house, on getting home, she'd prepared a very sumptuous meal. It was Egusi and Eba (My favorite), the food was tasty and spicy too, I quickly understood she'd made it just as it would please her and so I ate with all sincerity.

After 4 days, she finally decided to go home but left a series of words that touched my soul "she vowed to change my life and give me all my friend refused to accept", she also left her address in Jos.

To me, it was all fantasies, how would a girl like you, orphaned, trader, managed to complete your SSCE be able to changed my life? I'm an HND holder holder, I studied Civil Engineering Technology from one of the polytechnics in the southern part of Nigeria.

Days passed, I missed her, sometimes remembering how we played, and gist, I laugh. I wanted to know more about this virtual woman, she'd left her number, so I called.

She was so happy and demanded that I come for a visit.
" I do not have enough cash for transport oo", I added.

Don't worry, I go push you something, just send me your account number. So I send her my account number and after an hour, I got a bank alert. 12500 had been deposited by Becky. She layer called to confirm the payments and so my journey was all set.

The next day, I put some clothes in my bag and off to jos. Got there early enough to locate her street. It was all lit. Fine houses every where. It looked like an estate.

I asked a few questions and was directed to her gate. I gently knocked the gate which stood like the gate of heaven and a security man came asking.

"I'm looking for Becky", he hurriedly pressed the alarm and spoke a few words. At this time, I began to wonder how she's able to afford this place since she didn't appear like someone who could.

Seconds later, a fine girl walked towards the gate. She had a very beautiful shape like I've seen before but the face was strange.

Welcome my dear" she said as she smiled at me.

"Please I'm looking for Becky", I added. "I'm Becky", she replied.

My head open. I didn't see mouth to talk sef.
And that's how I met her dad, who happened to be one of the biggest contractors in plateau state.

I relayed my life history and he bought it, " Please see me in my office tomorrow, I'm sure there's something for you there. I was happy, Becky was happy too.

I went to the office, the dad actually offered me a job after some questions. I will be his area manager, an official car is attached too. Wardrobe allowance, so may other things too.

Over joyed, I ran back to the house, hugged Becky so tight, I almost kissed her self, she'd intact kept her words.

A few month passed, I drove to Anambra to see Matthew, seeing my car, he was stunned.

I explained all that has happened and he was shocked. I was shocked too.

A few months later, Backy opened up and revealed all she'd done to appear ugly, all she wanted was a guy that would accept her the way she was.

She had the world but in search of someone to share this world with. She is one of the most pretty women I have ever set my eyes on, we fell in love and currently married.

I know this story is long, but the lesson is worth it. Never look down on anyone. The holy books admonished that you be hospitable to strangers for you'll never know when angels would descend from the great heavens in human form just to have a chat with you.

Becky or virtual woman was the angel Matthew never saw or imagined. To Matt, she was a winch, I laughed too but today, I'm reaping the fruits of my hospitality.

Matt Rejected her, but I never gave up, I never tossed her away and that's how I got here today.

Hope you learn from this my people.

Welcome home from work

©MrPinner 2017

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