Heart Broken: After All My Fight, They Betrayed Me

After the 7th day, they brought me out to the open. A room measuring 2 square ceilings, for the 83rd time, he asked

"Where is she?

" How do I locate her" and for the 84th time, I have the same answer as always - I don't know

Knowing fully well that the moment I tell him, he'll locate my wife, kill her and my you her brother.

He took me to the interrogation room once again, this time he actually meant to increase the pain. He wanted me to either spill the secret or die like a nobody.

To help him achieve this, he jammed a needle right through my finger, ran these through a motor battery and switched on the circuit.

Its meant to electrocute me each time my heart beat fell lower than normal thereby causing more serious pain.

Because of my training during my time in the CIA, I could survive this but not for long...

Seeing how miserable I was beginning to look, with my swollen eyes, shaky fingers and sweat all over my face,  he came right through my left ears and whispered "You'll die slowly"

I was ready to accept this. All I wanted was the safety of my wife and my only brother James.

Seeing I was much stronger than he'd predicted, he and his team arraigned me to animal building.

This was a bit filled with dungs, they tied my hands to a stake Hung just a little above my head and left me to enjoy the smell of the pig's dungs. It was an environment filled with nothing buy raw ammonia.

The smell was awful, my love for her was worth it. I stayed on.
This continued for over a year.

The last day, as I was dragged to the interrogation room once again, I suddenly realized there were just the 2 men holding me in the camp, looking at them, I knew they've been given an order to shoot to kill if ever I tried to escape.

They put me down, bent to grab the kits, but this was the only chance I had. I grabbed a rifle from one of them, flung it up to shatter this upper jaws, the next second the rifle was mine, I ducked as the other man threw a very heavy  punch towards me.

Standing once again, I ducked once again but this time, I placed a fine kick just right through his thighs. Felt like I'd crushed his Blokos or something closer than that's cos I could see him cry in pains.

I had the time to take all the shots I could. Emptied the damn magazine on him, took the keys off his pocket and reached the truck outside the yard.

Got out, and then I headed to the border...

Got to city and with a few tools and the gsm I found in he truck, I bought a Sim and dialled a few numbers.

Didn't want to hear all she was saying, all I wanted was to see her once again. To hold her in my arms and to tell her its alright even though its been over a year.

Thank goodness I found someone that had just the same shape, walked like her too, even the hair were just as dark as hers but one thing was not the same.

She looked pale. This could only happen with a pregnant woman. I got closer and seeing her, happiness overwhelmed me.

Hugged, reached her lips for a kiss, but she turned away to avoid my lips. Maybe she isn't ready.

Minutes later, she broke the greatest reality to me. She was pregnant for my brother.

The same people for whom I'd fought and killed. The same reasons why I was made to share a room with pigs and their dung. The same people for whom I'd stayed hungry for a long time.

They'd all betrayed me, while I was suffering, they made love to the extent they even made a child too.

That was how betrayed I was.

All my fight was for vanity, no love at home, no brother to tell me welcome.

I cried, but I'm a man. I held my head up and stood up to reality

I was betrayed

©MrPinner 2017

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