Inspirational: A Decorated Soldier Isn't One Who Quits A War, He Fights On

A decorated soldier, one with medal of honor isn't one who quits the war the very moment his foot is thorn by a thorn. Noo...!

He's one who saw the war, fought the war and survived the war.
I know this does not necessarily mean he has to wage all the bullets and stay open to stop every bullet that flies towards him. But the thing is he fought the war.

This is life my dear.

You won't make it out there if you just decide to stop trying because you've been insulted or mocked for the little things you can do.

Life was like this for most successful people you see, hear of and read about today.

Let's take Eminem for example: a lot of friends would mock him for the way his mum Popped pills and moved a lot at his younger years,  even at his street rap contests before he got his first platinum album.

All I'm saying is...

No matter what you have to go through for the sake of your business, believe and life and dream. Whatever they say or mock you with. Always stick to the dream. Never take your eyes off the price, keep your head up and make them understand that the effect of their words is not strong enough to stop you.

I know when they realize their mockery doesn't work, they'll come with beefing. At this time always remember to take the cow along so they can have enough to beef about.

Yes, let them beef till the time when your car and tinted glass won't even let but push them off the roadway. A time when they'll have no choice but to open gates and nod in agreement even when you just wave at them.

I know you understand this.
I know its not so well written but wetin concern me?

I know you've been touched, I also know I've passed a message.

Have a pleasant day ahead my dear

©MrPinner 2017

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