Lifestyle: Reason Why You Need To Be Real In Everything You Do

That day I copied from my class mate, I Submitted and scored 6/6. It was Calculus which I actually don't have a flare for.

Later on, the lecturer caught and asked me to take a through the same course since I was so good at it, I began to flop. Suddenly sweat drooled down my armpit. My feet nko? They were shaking and I post my self confidence.

That's what happens when you live a fake life.

Eventuality will strike and someone who had in the past seen you in tour fake life will suddenly meet your real self and begin to wonder "may be its her or his lookalike".

They get closer and you either deny them or begin to explain when all you're supposed to do is say " Hi" and shift.

Always be real my dear.

Someone will love  you for it.

I will be proud if you,
The maker of you will be proud of you
Your helper will meet you right there and lift you to heights you never anticipated.

Its #Thursday

©MrPinner 2017

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