Love: A Little Story Of 2Baba And Annie Idibia

She: Baby I've missed my period!

Him: Oh I'm so sorry dear, wait I'm coming over....

He quickly took a bike down to her house and met her lieing on the bed with her face all painted in tears.

Holding her face, he kissed her "honey please don't cry, its our baby, we'll keep it and raise it in our home when she's born" he said with no fear in his eyes!

And that was how it all began...

A few years passed, no marriage, the fame came and people began to tall and wallow in issues that had no bearing to them.

The first crew broke up, Another reason to call her a fool for holding and hoping for him. "you're destroying your future for that useless boy that has dropped out of school, you're this you're that"

Suitors found their way to her family home but met her absence, they urged the family to allow them marry and take care of she and her son.

She was already gaining some fame and popularity but still kept a close contact with her boyfriend even though they're now stars.

Years and years passed, he's now a super star, "African Queen" alone made him more popular than he'd ever imagined.

The albums kept coming, shows, fame and recording deals kept flowing on like water. For her, Nollywood was her usual place of business.

Such a fine lady, lips so pretty, she maintain her chocolate skin and ensured no skin toning lotion ever got to ruin her lovely Melanin.

With more fame comes more responsibility and so people kept wondering when she'll finally settle down.

At this time, they're both stars, he also had other side chicks that couldn't but bear him other children. 6 in number now, but the truth still remained that a first love would always be remembered especially when the fire still managed to burn regardless of the odds.

Thinking, he couldn't find any of these other women beautiful enough, his African queen still remained the same one that'd bore his first child. People will talk, faces will frown, I'm going back to my roots: he thought to himself.

His fame alone is enough to feed a hundred men, his investments in real estate so huge, he could afford an international wedding.

She's right here waiting for him to come take her hands and make her the most admired woman, the envy of all maiden, the apple if his eyes and the only one whose love he'll stick forever.

So he took it, he arranged the trads, decided to take her breath away by making sure their wedding is second to non, a wedding that would trend for o month or longer "Its still takes about by some, even a couple years after"...

That's how he took her and wedded her in Dubai. Such a memorable day for Annie.

If she had taken off the foetus back then when she caught one, she would have still been a pretty girl, but being Mrs Idibia? I don't think she'd get there...

If she'd decided to settle with other men or suitors who came to offer their pity in the form of marriage, she may not even be married or happy today.

Now she's happily married to her man.

She'll join him in raising their kids and being the best woman he'd ever had in his entire life...

At the end you'll only find out one thing...

She never gave up, she believed

He had many, but there was just one woman for him.

She never married out of pressure or decided to settle for less since she's already a single mother.

She never let " What will they say" take over the dreams she had.

Love is is indeed a world of its own and its got its own mind, rules and odds.

And that's my little imagination of Mrs And Mrs Innocent Idibia

I'm so proud of you #2Baba.

Continue to reign in love my dear

©MrPinner 2017

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