No Man, No Woman Was Born Wicked. Interactions Influenced Us all

I went to my usual place...

A place where I do most of my deep thinking and do you know what I saw in a flash?

In the flash I saw that all men, women, guys and ladies were actually born with the ability to be good.

No man, woman was born wicked or born a cheat.

What happened is that as a man keeps meeting different people, interacts with the people in his immediate environment, keeps reading different things, allows the influence of others in his values and believes, then comes the change.

For example...

Its fact that most cheating men today were once Faithful at some point in their life.

What happened?

They probably allowed the negative influence if their friends, environment overwhelm them.

Some even turned cheats in order to be acceptable to their peers...


No woman was born wicked. Women aren't wicked though. The same thing that's applicable to the men also holds true for the females.

For example

Binpe came all the way from Ijebu to Unilag, while in Ijebu, she knows its bad for a lady to Double date or sell her body for money.

But when she got to lag, she began to see ladies younger than she is with flashy cars, good clothes, big phones and what have you?

Now she asks how they get all that and finally learns they earned all through "Runs" or double dating or multi dating in order to be able to extract money from guys.

What Happens Next?

She kissed her Ijebu values good bye and buys the new runs idea and flips off the switch of faithfulness.

This is the same for even the little child in the home...

Its the same for me and is the same for you...

To solve this problem,all you have to do is excommunicate all humans and stay on your own. When you walk the streets, shit your ears, don't read books and don't do according to humans

Is this possible?


Are there still good men and women out there?


But they're very few
Even the few ones are loosing their goodness because of what is now prevalent in the world we live in.

Please don't let go of the good man,woman in you.

There is someone that would treasure it...

©MrPinner 2017

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