NYSC: Reasons Why You Have To Grab A Skill During Your NYSC

Nigeria is a very sweet kwantiri.

You know its a country where you spend a total of 20 Years or more acquiring papers only to be offered another one year to acquire a skill.

I think they call it NYSC or something like that.

But some participants see this as a time to party and showcase their beauty, switch from bar to bar after their teaching in one primary or secondary school.

Some just keep praying for the one year to pass so they can be free from all. Little did they know they've been given a one year of a life time to acquire some skill.

The males?
A few of them actually realize this as I met 2 at a welding workshop 2 days back, I Also met another one at a mechanic shop and when I asked he said he's not ready to waste his time teaching in a classroom when he is an engineering student.

This is good to me ooo.

The ladies are also trying, some are using their weekends to learn interior decoration, others venture into fashion design, Gele and bead making. This is all good.

I just hope a large number of our youths will see this as a time to add more skills to their bank.

You need this because the future you're coming to meet after the #19800 is not here ooo.

Unless you start learning something new now or sure of getting a job out there, please make the best use of your time.

Other copers on my list have actually made themselves useful and these ones I'm proud of because by the time they drop their cap and Yellow Shoes, their head Will be filled with good skills that will make them hot cakes in the society.

I've made this post for those that are going soon to understand that its not a time to play, its a time to learn something.

Some establishments won't even charge you much to teach you these skills. But will you be willing and patient enough to allow them teach you? Are you willing to drop the "I be federal Government Pikin" Attitude and learn something?

Just imagine you've invested the entire one year in Hair dressing, fashion designing, Metal Fabrication, Alumaco, graphics design, Poultry farming and rearing of fish and other echetra echetram.

You'll be independent by the time the one year runs out ooo.

Now you can thank me later for sharing this golden information with you because some people won't share it with you for free.

They'll organize seminars and charge you #200 for gate fee, but you're gonna get it free cos you're on my list.

Oya go and register in that firm and begin to learn.


©MrPinner 2017

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