In the History Of Nigeria, There Is No Governor Like Peter Obi

It's only in Nigeria that the person who even tried better than the others is being crucified for not trying even more.

I'm from Enugu but was born in Onitsha before the creation of the new Enugu state. We lived at Awada, then moved to New market road, to Obosi and finally to Nkpor, before my father was transfered to Enugu state after the creation of that state. I lived in Enugu state for over  17 years of which 6 years was spent in a boarding house at CIC Enugu, so you can as well say it's 11 years and Anambra for a total of  13 years. It was only during the time of Peter Obi that I felt proud to even say I was born in Anambra. I have never been so proud being an Igbo man than when I heard and met Peter Obi.

Till date, Enugu state is owing the Local government System workers over 7 months salary and arrears of gratuity, overall state pension and leave allowances yet no one is talking about it. Every Friday in Enugu till date is burial ceremony for a Local government employee who may have died cos of hunger, depression or ill health. Last year, an Enugu state Local government employee slumped and died at Main market Onitsha where he  went to push wheel barrow. We attended the burial. Don't take my words for it, go and enquire.

But in Anambra ever since Peter came, I have never heard of salary being owed. Infact, small and medium enterprises thrive more in Anambra than any other Eastern state in Nigeria. You can hardly see an Anambrarian push barrow or beg. It's not possible. It may have been possible before Peter came but it is no longer. Most of us that weren't so lucky to be Full blown Anambra indigenes has since adopted Anambra as our second state. And even most of our businesses began in that state. Most of our contacts are from there. It wouldn't have been possible if Mbadinuju was the Governor or Ngige. Rather a man who understood that sound economic policy of any society is enough to drive other sectors to prosperity made it possible.

This is not a political affiliate marketing for Peter obi, I have never even eaten his money neither do I think he even remembers he has met a face that looks like mine. This is about respect not just for a distinguished Igbo man (do we even have anyone in his cadre? but for a man who has tried even better than the others in the whole Nigeria put together.

Honestly, if I will say, and I know I'm speaking for the majority of Enugu youths and Enugu people. If Anambra people don't want Peter obi, please #Mrpeterobi come to Enugu, can you become our Governor even for a week. Please we beg you.

If Anambra people have refused to Encourage their own indigene who has tried better than the others, the other Igbo states and truly the whole Nigeria will acknowledge that.

In as much as Peter obi must carry his burden for giving to us a governor he later detested. He must always appease the gods to plead to our hearts to forgive him for gifting to us a gift he himself doesn't like. But that doesn't stop us from enjoying this gift to its fullest anyway.

In the words of chief Morocco Maduka " ọ bụrụ na ị ga achị Anambara, chikwaa ya ka Peter obi." if you must govern Anambra, Govern it like Peter obi.

And I dare add. If you must Govern Nigeria, govern it like Peter obi.

I'm in my house, come and flog me.

Written By  Mr Onuecheta Ikemsinachi