Love Series: My Girl Friend Ep 1

Boo called, she wanted us to meet at her place. Its been a while since my last visit, since we last spent time with each other. I was a baht guy! All thanks to my New Job.

I was able to walk a walk from the office and getting to her place, I could see a lot of sand at the front pavement. Wonder if somebody even lives here.

Going in, I discovered the sitting room was unswept too...!

Ah! Kilode! People run from here abi wetin?

Finally froze up when I found her on the bed  hidden under the duvee.

Getting closer, she was shivering. The heat emanating from her body was so hot, you could cook yam with it.

Oh my God...!

Wetin be this one? Hearing my voice, she stood up to welcome me, as usual, she'd extend both hands as wide as she could for a very tight hug, but with the way I've seen her, the hunger for a hug, I reached out with the hug instead.

Even me self, the heat actually made me loose my grip.

As a pikin when grow up for village, I knew the best way to bring the temperature down is to soak a white towel on cold water and use same to massage her forehead, the face and round the head.

I did this, washed her so well, all she could manage to say was "Thank You very much my love" with her cracked voice.

I didn't just stop there, I tried to make her take some Paracetamol in order to halt the headache, but just 2 minutes after taking that, she puked and there on the floor, both tablets were.

I realized she was indeed dying. Too her to the bathroom, gave her a warm bath. Massaged her body with the warm towel just to make her a little strong. Used a drier towel to dry her skin and apply some Vaseline on her skin.

Down to the car, we went to the hospital. She was admitted.
I knew she hadn't eaten anything good, so I went to a good eatery and got some Jollof and plantain. Took these to her and fed her till she was too weak to eat.

Seeing that I'd almost spent 4 hours in all, I called Mark to cover up for me while I took care of baby.

After a while I stepped out to get some Recharge Voucher. Couldn't get within the hospital premises so I decided to go to a nearby shop to see if I'll be able to get any.

Took me 25 minutes to finally get a voucher.

Drove back to the hospital, but on getting to her room, I saw a man. A man in his late 40s lean to kiss her forehead.

I was mad....

To Be Continued

©MrPinner 2017

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