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Sometimes ago, a teenager whose name I've decided to conceal in order to protect her identity reached me through an email and asked me a very touching question...

He said
"Dear Richard Nwachukwu
I've been a close follower of your posts on Facebook for quite a number of months now, I've seen you turn people around with your posts and so I would like to ask you something. Its Jamb time, my parents are poor and so they cannot afford to pay my university tuition fees, they're the only one, my only hope of going to the university. What would you advice I do since its certain I can't make it to the university"??

My Response...

Dear teenager...

I know you're not sitting for your Senior School certificate examinations, you're also going to sit for JAMB if you're mother and papa could afford it.

But remember the story of Emeka who was always mocked because his parents couldn't afford his JAMB fees, University tuition and Hostel fees.

Emeka instead of going to the university, moved with his uncle to Lagos. In Lagos, Emeka learnt a trade. Electronics.

His uncle taught him all he needed to know as regards the importation, where to import, clearance and distribution of these goods and Emeka being a very brilliant child captured all.

A few years later, I think 5 years or so, Emeka was independent. As they do it in Alaba Int'l Market, once your boy has served you as his Oga for 4 years, you can Open a shop for him as a a way of compensating him for his service.

This compensation was done for Emeka by his uncle.

Today Emeka is a big importer. Emeka has shops in Okeja, Oladimeji, Ilupeju, Apapa, he even has a training centre in Ojota where he trains people in the business of electronics.

A few years has passed, those that laughed and teased him for his parents inability to enrol him in the university are now graduates, they're walking upandan from Lagos to Ijebu-Ode, Warri to portharcourt in search for Jobs.

Some even bumped into Emeka's shop at Ojota, shame nor let them speak the crammer they went to the university to learn.

Emeka is now an employer of graduates, Emeka is a part-time student in Unilag and in a few months time, he'll be a Bsc holder just like his friends.

The difference is that his friends had their Bsc while they were young, but Emeka made money before going for his own Bsc

Therefore my young chap, if your parents are nodding their head because they cannot afford a university education for you, worry not.

Understand them, look for a very good skill or trade to learn and I promise you chuckwu ga Gozi GI very well.

You shall turn out to be an employer of labor if you're diligent enough to master the skills.

Remember, those having one skill or the other are the ones making the money these days...

A university education is not a guarantee for a better life, it is just a place for reading and writing and quoting of people's writings, formula and equations.

I hope you understand this my young chap?

Remain blessed and obedient

©MrPinner 2017

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