Love Series: My Girlfriend Ep 2

...I tiptoed to the corner, just behind one of the slender columns that transfered the dead load coming from the slab that held the upper floors of the hospital

He really kissed her forehead and dropped a handipack along side a very prettyful rose flower.

He stood a while to watch the drip as it trickle down through the tiny pipe and then down to her vein.

Like he got a call or something, he suddenly turned towards the table where he'd dropped the gifts, picked his keys and headed out.

I turned to watch him majestically walk into the latest model of the Range Rover Sport.

Seeing his luxury car, I suddenly felt like my Toyota Corolla 2016 model is a very big scrab, but its still one car I admired though.

I finally got off my shells, walked into the her ward and sat just beside her.

I was gradually beginning to enjoy the rhythm of her heart beats, her gentle snore was awesome too.

Just to remind heavens, I still knew how to kiss my woman, I bent a little to plant a kiss just on her lips as I was ready to watch her sleep all day.

A little longer, the doctor came around for a check, the nurse came along with her. Such a beautiful young lady with that kind of hips you could kill a cow for.

"She's a bit stable now, you can take her home tomorrow once it is 8:00 in the morning" - the doctor said.

"Please ensure she sticks to the routine and follows the prescription closely as this would facilitate a swift recovery" she added.

Thank you doctor- I replied...

Thank God its Friday....!

I just have to baby sit this big baby tonight and I'm not even sure what I'm going to eat tonight I though to myself.

Feeding her, I could see she was even able to make a lil' joke to which we both smiled at. After eating, I took the plates to the kitchen department to have then washed.

By the time I got back to the room, she was fast asleep.

I quickly picked the remote control and toggled between Extreme Engineering, Discovery Channel and NatGeoWild. 3 if my most favorite channels on DSTV.

Just then, a call came through her phone, she was too weak to answer, so reached for it in order to take the call and know who it was.


A male voice answered....

Because the network was so bad, the same caller decided to send a text instead.

.... "Called to check on you, couldn't hear what you were saying, anyways just praying that God heals you my jewel"......

This time, I was totally pissed...

Felt like smashing the hell out of the poor phone

To Be Continued...

©MrPinner 2017

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