Love Series: My GirlFriend Ep 4

.....A few hours passed, baby after eating demanded a lift to go see someone. According to her, he lives just over 4 towns away and I know taking her there would really mean a lot.

I actually want to go see this person that's been sharing her attention with me, that has always called each and every time I step out to get or do something.

To her, I was a nice guy, little did she know I just wanted to be sure there is no one sleeping in my bed.

Truth is....
I've actually been so mad at her, I mean why would I be the one taking care of this baby while someone somewhere is tapping, what kind of Richie dey work, Baboon dey chop is this?

It certainly has to stop somehow. I need to see this guy and ask him to back off cos this Bae is the one I wee marry. Even my village people nodded in agreement when they saw the both is us that day in my dream. So no body shud come and take my shine.

She stepped in, I turned on the ignition, stepped on the brakes and gradually released the accelerator and within a sec, we were down the street...

How beautiful she looks. E come be like say sickness dey make this Bae fine more more self. Almost hit a wheelbarrow man while staring at her prettyfulness.

We continued our journey till we finally got to the 4th town and because our destination was close by, madam demanded that I retardate in order not to exceed our destination.

Finally got to the huge gates, baby claimed down and decided to use the buzzer to alert the security guard of our arrival.

As a naughty guy, I just stood behind staring at the goodies from behind.

She's actually a great figure, she does twerk too, she actually takes me to cloud 9 when I ride the Mercedes and moans to the rhythm of the flow too...

A few second passed, the security man opened the gates, seeing baby, he smiled. You know that kind of smile where the smiler actually has to show how effective his Oral-B or Pepsodent is. Ehen that's the kind of smile the security guard put on.

As if his anyhow smile was not annoying me enough, he also did the thing that pained me most.

He said "Oka Maram e don tey wen we see you ooo, even Oka sef don miss you taya", Oka nor rey fit srip for night because he wee be thinking about you"


If only he was close enough, could have crushed his teeth to make him stop all that annoying notification.

Now we crossed the gate and headed to the building.

I held her right hand and stood very close to her.

We knocked the front door, then the house holder came out with a very big smile on his face...

You won't believe who it was that opened the door and you won't believe he actually hugged her right in my own presence.

Then he said.......

To Be Continued

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