Love Series:My GehFren Ep 3

.....Seeing how I was feeling at the sight of that text, I knew I would wanna throw a punch on anything that comes close to me cos deep within me, I knew I was sharing this pretty woman with some man out there...

I'm certainly the stingy type when it comes to my woman! No let's say I'm the pride here, no one comes into my territory without a good fight and no male tastes my game while I'm still in the den.

It was such a cool night, I quickly picked a stool and sat close to her, this time I has my head right on her right arm, she tried to place her other hand right on my head but for the pinch of the needles running through her left arm.

By the time I woke up, I realized she wasn't right there on the bed. I was a bit worried cos I don't know if my fears have finally caught up with me...

Trying to clear my eyes, I gently turned and also yawned to free the sleep off my eyes. There she was...

She's actually had her bath, put on her favorite gown and coming closer, she reached me with both arms wide open. She extended that hug I've missed for a lot of days now and this time, she made it so tight.

My happiness all flew back, she's stronger now, in a few minutes we'll be going home. I will first take her to my place so we spend the weekend and have a good time for ourselves.

She added a kiss too, you know that kind of a kiss naa. You just don't want to kiss with all the strength in you cos you know she's not too strong. We kissed anyways. We're happy...

Seconds later, she went straight to her phone, she scrolled through the missed calls, she checked her inbox too. On checking the inbox, she threw a very rough stare at me and smiled. Me too, I smiled. Wonder what she's thinking that's making her smile.

We finally got home just a fee minutes after 9, we talked a lot in the car. Stepped down to open the gate, drove right to the front of the door and reached for the passenger side.

Lifted her off the seat and gently carried her inside the sitting room. Dropped a hug along with a "Welcome home honey"....

" You know I missed you so much right?

She smiled... I left to get a few stuff of the trunk and hurried back inside.

On getting inside, I saw her standing just beside the window with her phone on her left ear....

"I'm sorry I couldn't call you back last night, the thing is I was fast asleep, don't worry, just a few hours later, I'll come over at your place so we can have a long talk"... She told the caller.

I was frozen, with my heart pounding like the mortar of an Edo woman pounding YAM for her husband.

The items I'd picked from the trunk almost fell off my hands as a more anger grew within me.

Who could this caller be?
Why does he always have to call each time I loose a time with her?

Has he been sharing this fine geh with me?

Is it her dad?

But why would he send a text calling her a "Jewel"

Well, time will tell...

To Be Continued....

©MrPinner 2017

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