Matrimony: Don't Be Fooled, Most Men Won't Know The Value Of A Woman Till They Try Doing What She Used To Do

Then I went to the market, I actually bought some fish and beef, on getting home, I realized the fish I bought was a bit spoiled. I was mad a little.

As a good guy, went to the kitchen to spice and fry the fish for some nice jollof which I always enjoyed.

Put the oil in the pot and went for the onion. After everything, I realized it wasn't as tasty as she used to make hers. I was sad, still ate it anyways.

Monday morning I woke up, probably the normal time for me to wake up since I know everything would be ready. All I had to do is pick up my briefcase, She'll walk towards me with her pyjamas on, adjust my tie, adjust the belt and finally plant a kiss just on my cheeks and wave me good bye

But today, I had non of these. I actually woke up by 6:00am. This time it wasn't business as usual. The gas is right there, the pots are empty, beverages are all in the shelf, but can I even get so close enough to fix myself a cup? No...  I ran off. I'm off to work.

Normally she'll call to check on me and remind me how romantic I was last night, she'll text again to tell me those funny stuffs like how she's rock me off tonight. But this time non.

Break time, I saw my self drooling at a plate of jollof Properly cooked by one woman out there, I bought a plate, it still doesn't taste like hers.

Got home, the rains swore to deal with me that day. Chai. It rained so much, I became envy if my neighbor whose wife was around.

For him, its a weather for 2, for me its a very tormenting weather. The thoughts of her clouds my imagination, I can't stand the cold. If she was around, we'll just, chat, play a game or 2, she'll curl up on me, we'll have each other's warmth to push the cold aside. But here I was. Lonely and alone.

If I'd known, I won't have ever allowed her go. No I should never have.

I don't think I can do this anymore, I need to apply for a master's program abroad too.

Before I lean finish...

Never underestimate the power of a woman in the home my brother.

Those people can do wonders when they're around.

©MrPinner 2017

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