There Was A Country Called Nigeria

There Was A Country...
A country where all leaders are receiving awards for being gravely stupid and brainless.
A country where a senate personnel wears Matriculation gown to answer querry and later dance Mamako Mamako on YouTube... Chai
A country where leaders prefer to stash billion in buildings rather than use same to build infrastructures that would employ many
In my country Nigeria? Our health Care system are so equipped, even our president is currently going to buy syringe in London.
A country where the only thing we can boast of is our Degrees but no jobs to keep us engaged with the degrees.
A country with over 56% of the citizens are educated but unable to question the useless moves of our leaders.
We live in a country, we have oil wells down south, we have natural gas, but we can't even boast of 3 hours uninterrupted power supply.
My country Nigeria? A very blessed nation, we pray so much and forget prayers won't work, faith won't work without work.
This country? Healthy men are so weak, it takes a liverless president to lead them...
A country try where the president works from home, is that one country?
There indeed was a country, but Nigeria is not one. Will never be one till we begin to question these baboons that galavant about in the name of leaders.
Leaders of their own pockets
©MrPinner 2017

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