2 Little Lambs: A Word For Lovers

2 wounded hearts somewhere somehow have met, more will meet today and some would tomorrow, when they met, all their hurts, all their pains, everything they've ever been through became like the wind for the comfort they found in themselves was enough to take it all away.

2 little lambs stuck to one another no matter the storm, no matter the weather, no matter what race they had to run.

2 little lambs forgave each other when their imperfection took over the good in them and they hurt each other.

Today, 2 little lambs are happy, their lives have witnessed another change, the birth of 3 other lambs and the cry if the new comers, they seem to enjoy.

2 little lambs now age, they look back at their 5 little lambs and remember how it used to be when they were just lambs. All the cold, pain, heat and race. Their jumps when danger strikes, their heartbeats when the hands if men nearly got to them. And the increased temperature when sickness struck.

Now 2 matured lambs are getting old, they've raised their lambs so well, them lambs still struggling to understand the concept of living, but this they do gradually as life is never a place if regular Jollytainment

2 little lambs are you and your Bae, You and Your Boo, you and your hubby. You've been through a lot, you've fought, you've escaped and you've hurt too. But now you'll look back at the things dine by your own kids and smile and laugh.

If you're not had kids yet, you'll have soon. And you'll look back at them and realize that every thing you've been through in the past, they'll also experience in the most recent way.

In all, don't forget the role of forgiveness when your imperfections strike. Don't forget to always stick together at all time. l for this is where The strength come strong.

Good morning to you

Hope you understood this post?

©MrPinner 2017

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