Biafra At The Expense Of What, At The Detriment Of Who, For What Benefit?

....In order words what you're saying is that a day is coming when I'd want to gaan see my sister in Ijebu, but I won't be able to go as easily as I'd want to because I'll have to fez prepare an ECOWAS Passport, get a plane ticket or Find one of the intercontinental Transport companies like "ABC Transport" before I'll be able to see my sister who married while we were still in Nigeria.

Then you're also  saying a time will come when I'd have to book a trailer load of beans but then, I'll also have to pay custom duties and in most cases go to the Border and wait for my consignment abi.

Then if at all I see Nneka, fall in love and decide to settle down with her, I'll also need to pay for travelling documents for myself and my elders in order to travel to Okija or owerri for the Igba-Nkwu.

Look, it will be too expensive naa. Me I'm.not ready for any division o!

What are you people even agitating for? Even as the Nucleus of power returned to those located as the crow flies 90°N of the Kwantiri has it led to the total eradication of poverty in the zone? Has their having power within their bosom stopped their brothers from begging in the southern streets? Has it improved on the dilapidated state of infrastructure in the region?

If only there could be an even development in the Kwantiri, if only a reasonable fraction of billion and trillions that are sapped from the south could be used to develop the south and spread to the east and west, then this land called naija would be better and no one will even feel a pinch.

Currently, even today, the so-called leaders of the #ArewaYouthCouncil was bold enough to walk to Channels TV and present himself to over 4million Nigerians as being in support of the decision of the Arewa Youths to oust the Igbo's from the North and no one could call for his arrest, even the so-called El-Rufai watched the program but could do nothing about it. This is enough to cause headaches since he'd promised to arrest the mind behind that declaration. But did he arrest the man? No!

I'm really left betoverend and often times wanting to involve my self with the struggle of the eastern people of the land but No!

I feel a lot will go wrong, I see a lot of people suffering and all for what? Its not like #Biafra would become a better version of Nigeria, its not like it would be a country rid from Corruption and bribery, in fact it would even be more.

I feel there is need to look at other possibilities other than secession and ousting the igbos from the North.

I'd like to make this known today, that if actually the fight begins, even you, yes you agitating for this Biafra will not be strong enough to stand the sound and quiver of the Grenades, Guns and you certainly won't be able to eat rats as chicken, you have been brainwashed even by those who never had an experience of the civil war and then you stand and think secession can take place peacefully. But it will never be peaceful.

Even Sudan today after the secession has never known peace, its been one fight after another. So whether you're from the North, south, east or west, I don't care whether you're agitating for Odudua, Niger Delta or Biafra, all I want is a better country, a peaceful country habitable with the ability to allow for the coexistence of similar species irrespective of the difference in culture, tribe and tongue.

Stop this Madness biko!

Instead of you supporting those asking for secession, ask them to bring out the allocations meant for the development of your geopolitical zone. If they can give a better account of it, then you can support them fully but if they can't, then be rest assured they'll still rob you of your personal rights and benefits as citizens even of Biafra or Niger Delta.

Yes They should be questioned and they should be ready to give the answers without sugar coating it.

If you must support and agitate for secession, be ready to drink the bloods and eat the dead bodies your quest would bring.

©MrPinner 2017

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