Short Storied: Chronicles Of DNA Ep1

Secretly tiptoing to the Boy's room, Mark successfully took out a strand if hair from his young and only child, he secured it just like you'll hold am egg. Raw egg of course.

The next day, he called up the Lab scientist and submitted both samples and headed home.

It was a Saturday morning, after a nice jogs with his wife, Mark went home, washed off and decided to give then all a treat. You know that kind if treat when your wife sits very close to you with one of those romantically sawed dinner Pink gown, her flat shoes were so perfect. You'll think it was made on her order. And her hair? That ponytail where she just has the hair tied with a band. That's just how pretty she looked.

Now when you look at the left hand side, you have his heir apparent sited just beside you, cracking the bone of chicken. That kind bone you girls shamefully refuse to crack when a guy buys you fried rice and salad.

Tolu is just a replica of his mother. He had his Tommy Hilfiger Polo shirt, it was deep brown colored and his pants? The Original Vickers Chinos and then a set of brown Moccasin shoes.

Mark and his wife were so in love, even their 15 years old son couldn't help but feel jealous each time the whip of love strikes 'em both.

A few hours later, the putting was over, so they went home and slept after a few movies. Oh my, what a family.

4th day finally came, the lab scientist called Mark, the results are ready for a pickup. Mark became so anxious but wary.

What if the results are negative? What if Tolu is actually not my son, I'm so fond if him. Each time he smiles I see my self back then when I was his age. He reminds me of my first years as a school boy.

What would I do if he eventually turned out to be the product of Mr Anthony. The guy my wife dated before we married? What if....!

Mark finally kicked his car and within an hour, he was at the spot for the pickup.

The scientist actually tapped him and made him realize everything happens for a reason and to never lose hope on the one you love because of the writings on a paper for love, love for a child was something beyond the series of letters scripted in a sheet of paper in the name of #DNA.

Mr Mark got to his office, he was more than eager to open the results because once again, the questions hit him again.

Now he finally opened the test results and you wouldn't believe what happened.....

The result actually showed that Tolu was....!

Watch out for Part 2

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