Short Stories: Chronicles Of DNA 4 ( Final Episode)

.....Dear Mr Mark, this is the lab man, please I'm sorry we'll have to meet up, there is something you'll have to know. Please its very very urgent. Is it possible we meet right now? The scientist Urged!

Mark grabbed what's left of himself and unto his Tundra, he left to the doctor's Lab.

"Mr Mark I'm very happy you're able to meet up as we spoke over the phone. You see there was a little mistake in that DNA result with you.
It appeared the scientist didn't pay much attention to what he was doing,  even myself, had it not been for my own experience, I would have made the same mistake"

What happened is that Tolu is actually your son, intact he's your biological son"..

Mark grabbed him, he kissed his fellow man for the first time in his life, he was over joyed but still wanted to be sure. He was much more convinced when the test results were handed over to him.

He became more convinced when the scientist revealed the reason behind the initial mistake. Yes, mark is his son. He's not a stranger after all.

"Thank heavens I didn't carry out my initial plan to hurt my wife. Thank heavens for the wisdom it gave me, for making it possible for me to pass through this trial without hurting even the most admired members of my family" - he was over joyed.

Getting home, he hugged his son, he hugged his wife too and as tears fell off his eyes, he stylishly wiped it all off for it could've amounted to something else if he hadn't applied wisdom.


There are many ways you could destroy your own home.

Anger and taking decisions while angry and confused is one sure way.

You'll just discover you're a long way off the track and then building back is one hell of a process.

Always be tactful in times of trouble.

Thank you for Banking with me

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