Short Stories: Chronicles Of DNA Ep 2

....the test results showed that Mark and Tolu were a total Mismatch. In other words, there is no match for their DNAs.

Mark was broken. His fears have finally caught up with him. His world is finally crumbled and his only heir, the boy he'd been so proud of has finally turned out to be another Man's Child.

He was red with anger, he stretched forth his hand to pick up the phone and call his wife, but he decided to do it later for he could not even find the right words to say to her, he only had one thing in mind. Yes, to Go and hold his one and only son just one more time before any other decision.

What would it be like when my wife finally finds out I've known the mystery behind the rushed wedding, the court wedding and all that. At that time, she made it seem like if she had an abortion, the heavens will fall - he thought to him self.

Nodding his head with tears trickling down his eyes, he pressed in the intercom to update the secretary and instruct her not to let anyone in to his office since he wasn't in the right frame of mind for any business anymore. He also didn't want to go home for all he could see there is a place filled with strangers, a place of torment.

At about 9:32 PM, Mark after stopping at a bar, tapped on his door, the doors were opened by Tolu who'd been awake waiting for him, waiting to see his daddy come back from work.

He'd actually wanted to show him his 3rd term report card from school since made it to the 3rd position this term.

Tolu: Welcome Home dad *With arms wide open**

Tolu was happy and reached out with a hug. But Mark pushed him off.

But for the grace of God, Tolu would have smashed his skull against the burglary or the wall.

This was shocking for Tolu, he'd never received such a barbaric behaviour from his father, no not at all. Not ever since he'd begin to gather sense.

"Stupid boy of a thousand fathers"

Mark muttered as he staggered to the master Bedroom.

He obviously wasn't hungry as the news had filled his stomach to the brim.

He went in to the room and fell helplessly asleep. You know that kain sleep wen you'll sleep and the only sound that'll ever be heard in the entire building would be that of your snore.

Morning finally came and it really wasn't that pretty as it used to be

Mr Mark Actually......

Watch out for the last episode

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