Short Stories: Chronicles Of DNA Ep 3

.....mark really never wanted to let go of his boy, he loved him even though his latest discovery tends to push this love away. He kept it away from everyone even in his family. How would he tell his own dad and mum, Tolu's grannies that Tolu is not his biological son?

He was stressed, he needed some peace, he needed to Go out for a while else his anger would up the roof and only heaven knows what he might do to his wife and son...

She'd betrayed him, he thought to himself. She forcefully brought the child of another man to him and made him marry her even without thinking twice. Had it not been for #IlaOtu and #BenVictor, he'd still be floating in the air.

Mark visited his friends on one occasion, after the many bottles, he began to say things he ought not to. Then he spilled the cum and the whole committee of friends went low. Some laughing, others sad.

Suggestions began to surface, some asked him to move out of the house, others asked him to divorce his wife, some asked him to keep silent but one if his friend, whom he'd actually not liked much for his poor nature spoke.

He said "Mark how sure are you that the DNA was property conducted? Don't you think doing the test in another lab would be a better decision rather than heeding to the advice of Ogbona and Osas?

These words struck Mark, at least a second test would be enough to enable him reach a final decision regarding the child and his wife.

If the second test proves negative, best going to divorce his wife, he'll send them away from his home and try to fix his life.

By the time Mark got home,  he met the doors shut, but its obvious someone was around as the sound of the 4300w Home theatre kept blasting Celine Dion and R.Kelly's "I'm your Angel".

On opening the door, Mark landed his wife a very weak but hurting slap. This is unlike Mark, Mrs Mark was pained but its obvious he's drunk, so she brushed it off.

Mark once again went to his room and slept as he does each time he's drunk.

The day passed. Mark seeing the face of his wife knew something was wrong. He didn't remember slapping his wife but when he actually did remember, he knelt down and apologized. He later appeased her with a chilled cup of ice cream and Chicken wings, his wife's favorite.

Peace returned to the home, but mark still had his internal wars to deal with. At least until he has the final results he'd paid for. His heart still remains heavy, but he's too scared to let his emotions control his actions, so he kept to himself most of the time and made sure nothing blew his cover.

On the 6th day the doctor called........!

Watch out for the Final Episode

©MrPinner 2017

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