Short Stories: The Consequences Of Mark's Infidelity

I remember that time when Salome caught Mark on top woman. It was not a small sometin that day ooo.

My brothers and sister, Amanda was mad, Amanda's skin turned red, as red as my teacher's red pen. She wanted to co front mark but as usual,it would be the same story and if care is not taken, she go chop igbati join self.

Na so Amanda silently walked out of the house and went back to hers, Mark was deeply engrossed in satisfying his desires, so he didn't take note.

But the thing is Amanda actually went to Mark's to show him the test results. She'd just been confirmed a would-be mum. A mum to Mark's Child.

She sat on her bed, she stared at the ceiling, she's hopeless, her heart has been broken for the 5th time now by the same man. She is so ready for the journey of mother hood but for such a man that'll beat her the moment she tries to correct him?

Amanda Quickly went for a concoction and drank even to the last drop. The foetus was flushed. Yes the foetus won't be seeing the face of the earth. She actually was crying while doing this, she was in great pain and she cursed the day she met Mark.

A few month passed, Mark came by and apologized, he knelt down and begged, she accepted and finally they tied the knots.

It was a court wedding. Mark went for the court wedding cos he wanted the interest if his kids protected should anything happen to him as a soldier. But did the kids come?

No! The concoction Amanda had taken many months before their wedding affected her womb, she couldn't bear kids anymore. All they'll have would be the warmth of their own bodies and their own laughter. No kids would be coming.

Now Amanda Actually opened up and told Mark all she'd done and he accepted to stick no matter what. It was his own fault isn't it?

In fact they were both at fault. But who caused the whole thing? Isn't it mark that couldn't control his libido? Is it not Mark that'd always beat her up whenever she reprimanded him for his cheating habits?

Now who is the main cause of their childlessness?

What's your opinion?


Always watch the decisions you take when you're angry.
Its best you make no decision in anger

Do not spoil the happiness in your future home because of some N5 (Five Naira) Affection.

I hope you learnt from this?

I know you did..

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