He's All I've Got! Amanda Cried Out

That day Amanda cried so much: She'd just been called by her son's school. He'd made it to the top of the class, he's a brilliant child and his maths skills are amazing.
"We're so proud to have him as a student here, he's one of the best students in the entire school"- principal confidently assured.
Amanda cried because when she had told her guy, Chris' father that she'd conceived a child, he denied her and asked her to go look for whoever the father was.
"That bastard you're carrying is not mine" - he declared.
Pained and sad, confused and bitter, Amanda quickly wiped her eyes, checked her bank account and realized she had a lot on it, she also had a good job and a working head too, so she moved out.
She worked her transfer and changed location to a place where no one knows her. A neutral ground.
She gave birth to Chris, she nursed him alone since she had no mum, except for her friend and an elderly woman living close by, no one came to help.
Amanda was the only surviving child of her parents, they'd been killed in the Sosoliso air crash back then in.... I've forgotten the year that thing happened sef.
At other times, Amanda cried when Chris called her mum for the first time, shed just realized he'd grown his first tooth and began to say some words, but the most firm of all words he could say was "moma"
To Amanda, the only thing that makes her and keeps her happy, her fulfilment is her child, Chris. He's her world. Her all.
A few years later, Chris was awarded a scholarship abroad where he studied medicine and surgery. Today, he's a very successful young man. A fine young man every father would dream to have as a son.
Yes! The father I heard is wasting in one yeye marriage where his wife even beats him and makes live very miserable for him. He currently has no child and Amanda has vowed to never let him have access to Chris.
I support her! Yes! You can never eat your cake and have it. You abandoned mother and child, now that you can't get your own child, stay put. Do not look for the one you've abandoned.
Thank you all single mothers for raising the best kids out there.
You're simply the best
©MrPinner 2017

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