True Life Story: My Experience With A Nigerian Police Officer

He asked me to step down from the vehicle, as an obedient citizen, I stepped down, he asked to search me, I quickly asked "Is there a problem officer"? He didn't even answer me.

When he couldn't find anything other than my wallet, he asked me to bring it out. I did.

On sampling my wallet, he saw a total of $700 I was going to change at Aboki's shop. At the sight of the cash, he thought he could intimidate me by asking me useless questions.

Imagine a police officer asking a citizen :What right do you have to walk around with such amount of foreign currency?

This question burst my head. In fact I was annoyed not by the question, but by his stupidity and ignorance.

Is there any clause or provision in the constitution of the Constitution or financial policy that prevents a citizen from carrying foreign currency about? I asked.

He then asked me to go meet his boss.

The stupid of a boss was even seated at the back of the hilux reading newspaper, this one then asked me another annoying question.

Do you know you can be arrested for carrying such an amount of currency?

Me: Officer, if you're going to arrest me, please be ready to show the law court where I stole this money from and be ready to pay for this time you're wasting. I would also like to make it known to you that if you do not allow me continue my journey, if you decide to prolong my stay in this odd place, I may have to take judicial actions that could relief you of your job.

What did you just say? He asked!

Me: you heard me right officer. You think I'm one of those scared to death citizens you intimidate with your gun and uniform? Please if you have no evidence or reason to keep wasting my time other that of seeing me with $700, quickly let me go.

Who do you think you are young man? He further asked.....

Officer, that is not a question you'll expect an answer from me right now.

I'll have To Arrest You to know Who is backing you up. You're so young yet, your confidence amazes me- he said.

After eyeing him, I said " Officer, if you're going to arrest me, please be sure to take me to Abuja o cos me I nor know anybody for this state ooo. If you arrest me to any police station in this state, my release Order will come from Abuja and when it comes, be ready to answer a very serious querry or be transfered to one of the most interior parts of the country.

After a minute silence, he said "Carry Your Wahala dey go!

Me: Hissing as I walked into my vehicle and asked y friend to drive on.

See eh, its only when your do not know the words to use against these useless people employed as police officer that you'll allow them intimidate you with their gun and uniform. Most of them are as ignorant as the dumbest citizen in the country. They know nothing.

Don't fear them. Stand on your right and don't stop saying things that'll intimidate them too. They're as scared as death especially when they know you're fearless and knows your right or fundamental human right.

©MrPinner 2017

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