Marriage Is Between You And Your Spouse, Your Pastor And Church Are Not Important

When it comes to marriage, forget your church, forget your pastor. Talk about the both yourselves and plan for the both of yourself because the other 2 aspects of the both of you would only be happy seeing a good home you've both built together despite your imperfections.

The pastor would describe how he met and married his wife and has remained happy for several years but won't and may not be bold enough to reveal how many fights, misunderstandings he's had with his wife and how they overcame it. Even when he does, he'll leave a few details and leave you with nothing but butterflies that would disappear the moment the first quarrel surfaces.

As for the church, remember Its a place for everyone, a place for the truthful ones whose names are never heard. How true are you to yourselves?

It is what you build out of your own hands that makes the church what it is. So it should be a secondary thing when planning your Union and even when you've been united with your beloved.

A church is only a building, it is the kind of people that flock there on Sundays that makes it what it is and I can still fell you that its only a few portion of that great multitude that live happily even after flocking there to worship the most high.

Forgive yourselves, encourage yourselves, think a out one another and be the source of strength for one another because even though there is strength from heavens, the one you can give to one another would always be sourced from the one who makes unions and sees sees love in the union he's made.

Yes, you're each other's god and goddesses!

You can tag this a useless post, but stay calm and think deeper, then and only then can you find the secret it holds within.

Don't forget that jollof Rice is also an aspect of weddings, if for nothing at all, it brings smiles on the faces of the people and bellefuls them also.

Don't also forget that even the most important book from which verses are quoted also said that TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday sha.

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