Ooni Sets To Court Another Bride. Emmanuella Ropo

Emmanuella Ropo

Her name is Emmanuella Ropo. She is a mother of three. She had married twice. Presently, she is single mother. She has been touted to be the next queen of Oba Enitan Ogunwusi, after his dissolved union with his estranged wife, Wuraola.

Funnily, some ladies have been expressing dissatisfaction against the decision of Ooni to go into marriage with another married woman. I can't understand what the fuss and hoopla are all about. Are divorcees not good for another trial?

If this news is true, to be fair to the Ooni, he is entitled to marry whomever he wishes to marry. After all, this is Africa, not Europe. We have our peculiar culture and norms. No one should force another man's culture down our throat. Let us stop ostracising one another on what is not alien to our ways of life.

My advice to the Ooni is that: he should stop playing to the public gallery. He should be man enough to make hard decisions, irrespective of public outcry. He owes no one any apology. He is an African, and he is a king. He owes no allegiance to any Ifa. Imagine! Ifa that could not predict rightly before he got married to Wuraola. Is that one Ifa? A beg, marry any woman of your choice. This is Africa.

Source: Adejare Ibrahim

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