Pastor Raphael Obi: I Was Called By God To Suck A Woman's Breast During Deliverance

Pastor that sucks breasts to deliver women

"I received this call from God and I've delivered many women in the past by sucking their breasts" - Pastor Raphael Obi Confessed.
Pastor Raphael Obi also known as Last r Sharp Sharp currently in police nets for gross misconduct made the above statement while being interrogated by men of the Nigerian Police force at the Area M police Command in Idemu.
Pastor Raphael said his band of Deliverance involved sucking of women's in order to be able do deliver them of any deadly disease they may be struggling with including cancer.

While talking about his band of deliverance, he also mentioned that after sucking the breasts, his victim would never suffer from such a sickness ever again.

Pastor was arrested by men of the Nigerian police Force last Thursday while unleashing his deliverance evil on the wife of a member of his church.
His church is located along Abareanje Road by Cele Bus Stop Ikotun, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Pastor Raphael Obi was arrested for alleged Gross misconduct, sucking of Breasts and engaging Victims in Marathon sex in the name of Spiritual Cleansing or deliverance.

As men of the Nigerian Police force stormed his home, discovery was made of charms which he tied to dolls and these hey removed and brought to the police station as exhibits.

Pastor Obi according to a member of the police men who arrested him will be charged to court soon for his gross misconduct.

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