Okonjo Iweala Vs Kemi Adeosun Compared

Nigeria's Former Finance Ministers Ngozi Okonjo Iweala (L) and Kemi Adeosun (R)

Nigeria needed a finance minister with strong international network, knowledge, experience and respect. Someone better than Ngozi Okonjo Iweala.

Kemi Adeosun was a no no.

Ngozi got us loan waivers worth $30 billion in less than five years and later resigned when she felt the govt no longer needed her. 

Ngozi and her economic team gave us EFCC, ICPC, BPP, TSA, BVN, pension reform, GIFMIS, IPPIS, whistle blower policy, encouraged privatization, deregulation, liberalization, taught us how to save, and many other innovations. 

She ensured we did not get into recession even when crude oil ebbed to it's lowest. 

She got our economy on the global map. 

She achieved all of that under extremely corrupt administrations.

Kemi got us into a debt of over N10 trillion in less than four years, attempted to empty our pension savings, supported the return of petroleum subsidy, got us into a recession, allowed NASS blackmail her into committing acts of corruption and refused to resign immediately after she was caught in a case of forgery.

Kemi was a disaster if compared to her predecessors. Just like Buhari.

The biggest fraud (corruption) going on under this administration (just like previous administrations) is in public procurement, three years after, Kemi had not seen any reason to review our public procurement process. 

She ignored reforms in our biggest fiscal drain pipe (public procurement) for political reasons. 

Ngozi had a level of control over both powerful OBJ and GEJ on key policy issues and in the interest of the country. Kemi was different. 

She did not have that kind of political hegemony over ignorant Buhari and his presidential cabal.

Ngozi was well grounded on well known western economic ideologies and could not be toyed around by powerful Nigerian politicians. Kemi had no such class and pedigree.

Nigeria deserves better than Kemi. We need someone on at least the same pedestal with Ngozi.

It is not as if we do not even have them. We do.

Amosun should have known better. President Buhari should stop playing politics with everything.

We have good heads from this country. Find them. Use them. Get results.

By the way, I strongly believe Kemi knew her NYSC certificate was fake. She knew the rule and tried to bypass it. It is different from being deceived into obtaining a fake certificate. 

It's a simple case synonymous with how  Nigerians bypass systems. It's in our DNA. We know ourselves.

This is Nigeria.

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