How To Overcome Rape – 5 Brutal Steps You Must Take As A Lady

How to Escape the Grip of a rapist
Over the week, there’s been a lot of articles flying over the internet, social media about Rape. Amongst all, I found this one particular post on 5 Steps To Prevent Being Raped by a rapist. It is a post I’ve culled from the wall of a popular Nigerian Lady “Patience Ekonyohe Daniel Odoh”.

On her post, she’s highlighted important steps that could help you escape being rape and possibly Inflict a huge injury
Steps to Help You Off His Grip Include:
1. After the first try to see if you can escape and yet you couldn’t, do NOT struggle anymore….
2. Pretend you are weak, this will prevent him from beating you or further harming you.
3. Beg him to treat you well… Lie to him that you have succumbed….
4. If you can, help him pull your under panties and try romancing him…. This is to make him relaxed, with thoughts that you are horny, crazy or want it too…..
5. When his penis is out, go for the blockos (Scrotal sac, the whole damn scrotum), hold him and twist it angrily…. Drag it, don’t leave it, bite it if you can…. Never ever leave it….
6. Even if you find any sharp object, stab it right there…. Watch him go low…, low…, LOW….
The strength and courage of a man lies down there…. Any harm done to his southern hemisphere destroys them quickly…. 
The moment you angrily jerk his rod off, he will become weak…. Some not so strong men will even sit flat on the floor that very minute….
Never struggle with a rapist, their joy lies in the struggle. The reason why certain men rape women is the pleasure they derive from struggling with their prey….. It turns them on.
Also, struggling might get you badly beaten, and you become weak. In some cases, these men kill these girls (their Victims), not cos they want to but might be a result of hard fight….
This above will not work if it involves more than one rapists, like in cases of gang rape.
Tell your girl child this…. Teach them to be courageous and to be calm….. There are so many rapists now… Even relatives rape too.
It is not really well….

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