Not Everyone is Meant To Own A Business – Bibian Chinenye Responds To Reno Omokri’s Tweet

Business isn't for everyone

I’ve said this over and over again, I can’t run a business. I don’t even want to try. Perhaps, things will change later, but right now, I just can’t.
While growing up, my mum ran a restaurant in our hometown. She’s still one of the best cooks that I know. I helped her out whenever I was home on holiday.

Because I was pretty close to her and ran the business for her substantially, I felt all the ups and downs of the business with her.
Some days, sales were good. I’d watch her face lit up whenever I gave account of those good sales days. Sometimes, she’d even tip me.
Other days, sales were bad, really bad that giving accounts for the day was a tough task for me. She’d pretend that everything was OK, but I knew deep down that she was going through a lot.
What’d happen to the leftover food?
How’d she repay the man she bought meat on credit from?
How’d she sort other family ish?
I watched her worry about those things and even though I pretended not to know, it broke me.
Much later, after all those struggles, she lost the business.
Earlier this year, I was in one of my bosses’ office and a girl came in with some leaflets,  survey forms from some organization and gave one to me to fill in.
I got to the point where they asked if I had any business idea that I needed fund for and how much I needed, I ticked that I had none and I did not need any fund.
The poor girl saw it and got angry, according to her, I’d wasted her survey form. She asked if I wasn’t interested in business and I said no.
She was surprised and asked what I wanted to do post NYSC – I was wearing my khaki – I told her that I’d get a job in a law firm or somewhere else and work. She asked what if I don’t get a job and I told her that wasn’t possible. 
I tried explaining to her that everyone must not run a business, that everyone must not be independent. But she just wasn’t understanding and I had to let her be.
Not everyone must have a business as a side hustle. I’ve said this before.
Some of us are comfortable with working for others, doing multiple jobs and earning from all of them.
I don’t want to go to bed every night worrying about my business and probably not getting enough sleep. I need to be able to sleep.
I don’t want to worry about customers owing me or people that I’m owing. I love debt-free life. 
I don’t want to worry about workers stealing from me or not doing their job well.
I don’t want to worry about the ROI on a really risky venture. 
Running a business is no child’s play and I’ve come to understand that I don’t have the balls for that, so I’m staying away from it.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with running a business. As a matter of fact, I admire people who do and I try as much as possible to support them by patronizing them.
I just think entrepreneurs should stop making it look like they are the only ones on the right track, they can’t even run a successful business alone, they need workers. 
Now, to what inspired this long ass post..
Posts like the one in this picture push people to go into business. They’ll pack up their entire savings, pump it into business and go broke the next month.
As a parent, I believe the most you owe your children is good education and maybe, connections. If you leave investments behind for them, it’s a bonus
Don’t let this man pressure you into doing more than you can.
If at the time of death, your grown children need your investments, properties or money to survive, you probably did a shoddy job at raising them.
So, if you think your children are on the right track to self sustainability, when you close from work, go home and watch television. 
If you’re close to Reno Omokri, please tell him to write this piece of advice on a piece of paper, roll it and shove it…

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